last changeTue, 26 Jun 2012 19:45:32 +0000 (15:45 -0400)
2012-06-26 Steven SrokaRemoved unneeded file generated by my IDE master
2012-05-30 Steven SrokaReplaced a reference to ChakraBackup with miniBackup
2012-05-30 Steven SrokaReplaced references of ChakkraBackup with miniBackup
2012-05-30 Steven SrokaRemoved a useless #include
2012-05-30 Steven SrokaRenamed some files from ChakraBackup to miniBackup
2012-05-30 Steven SrokaKAboutData now stores the application' icon.
2012-05-28 Steven SrokaRenamed class member variables to follow standards.
2012-05-22 Steven SrokaMade ChakraBackup() and BackupLogger() singletons....
2012-05-21 Steven SrokaStarting switching to KIO.
2012-05-19 Steven SrokaRemoved comments added by a git conflict and slightly...
2012-05-17 Steven SrokaMerge branch 'ExperimentalGUI'
2012-05-17 Steven SrokaAdded BackupConfigSkeleton.kcfgc, ChakraBackup.kcfg...
2012-05-17 Steven SrokafurtherCheckKdesrc() now does a deep search of the...
2012-05-16 Steven SrokaRemoved useless commented-out code.
2012-05-15 Steven SrokaRemoved license information, refactored compression...
2012-05-08 Steven SrokaPlayed around A LOT with different GUI configurations...
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