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last changeTue, 25 Jun 2013 23:23:46 +0000 (18:23 -0500)
2013-06-25 José Antonio... Test for retrieve data from Upstart daemon master
2013-06-25 José Antonio... added Unit Tests framework and project layout
2013-06-19 José Antonio... Add directory structure for lib and tests
2013-03-12 Fabian Kosmalefixed names
2013-03-12 Fabian Kosmaleadding forgotten files
2013-03-12 Fabian Kosmaleremoving references to Kapudan
2013-03-12 Fabian Kosmalemoved KAuth related files into kauth folder
2013-03-04 Fabian Kosmaleworking version of daemon_helper
2013-03-03 Fabian Kosmaleworking on authentification
2013-03-02 Fabian Kosmalework on the daemon helper
2013-03-02 Fabian Kosmaleunfinished changes for daemon
2012-10-08 Fabian Kosmalestarted writing kauth code for later usage
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