last changeThu, 19 Mar 2015 00:09:27 +0000 (01:09 +0100)
2015-03-19 AlmAckfix segmentation fault issue FS#892 master
2015-03-14 AlmAckupdate transifex link
2014-12-08 Lukas AppelhansMake tests compile again, add two new testcases to...
2014-10-15 Lukas AppelhansAlso skip .MTREE and .Changelog
2014-04-23 Lukas AppelhansMake sure we update and remove makedepends as well
2014-04-22 Lukas AppelhansDon't remove the OR twice
2014-04-22 Lukas AppelhansAdd progress reporting for akabei-create-db add during...
2014-04-16 AlmAckdebian: version 1.0.2
2014-04-16 AlmAckfirst implementation of debian structure to be able...
2014-04-10 Lukas AppelhansRemove "optimizations" of insert Queries
2014-04-10 Lukas AppelhansFix scriptlet adding
2014-03-04 Lukas AppelhansOptimize polkit method
2014-03-02 Lukas AppelhansFix another deadlock
2014-03-02 Lukas AppelhansFix deadlock
2014-02-26 Lukas AppelhansFix bug not opening the local db writeable
2014-01-09 Lukas AppelhansDon't put .INSTALL files into the database<
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