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2015-03-14 AlmAckupdated transife link master
2014-12-09 Lukas AppelhansProper error messages in signaturechecker and mirrorlis...
2014-10-15 Lukas AppelhansAdd another slash to make sure it works
2014-10-15 Lukas AppelhansMake sure there is a slash here as well
2014-10-15 Lukas AppelhansBetter error messages and make sure there is actually...
2014-03-14 Lukas AppelhansMake sure we propagate the status still after the first...
2014-03-04 Lukas AppelhansSignature checking with a proper keyring and also fixes...
2014-02-23 Lukas AppelhansCheck signatures via polkit when needed
2014-01-09 Lukas AppelhansProperly cleanup when errors occur or when finished
2013-09-01 Fabian Kosmaleenable C++11, use Werror, remove useless header
2013-08-25 Adrián Chaves... Configured the localization system to work with Transif...
2013-04-12 Lukas AppelhansFix apidocs
2013-04-11 Lisa VitolotoBeUpgraded returns the complete upgrade map
2013-04-11 Lukas AppelhansDisplay error if verification got wrong
2013-04-09 Lukas AppelhansUse std::accumulate akabeiclient_alpha2
2013-04-09 Lukas AppelhansFix download speed reporting
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