last changeSat, 28 Apr 2012 17:46:02 +0000 (19:46 +0200)
2012-04-28 Manuel TortosaAdd a basic script as backend for TODO: instead... master
2012-04-22 Manuel TortosaCheck also for packages in the repo not added to the...
2012-04-22 Manuel TortosaAdd the db function
2012-04-22 Manuel TortosaAdd a simple script for performing several checks to...
2012-04-22 Manuel TortosaBetter name for the method
2012-04-05 Manuel TortosaRemove unneded signatures
2012-04-05 Manuel TortosaClean the stuff
2012-04-05 Manuel TortosaAdd basic remote scripts
2012-04-05 Manuel TortosaThat's not handled anymore by the Php backend
2012-03-29 Manuel TortosaRecreate database is not performed anymore by a php...
2012-03-29 Manuel TortosaFix available-repos
2012-03-29 Manuel TortosaSeparate the clean operation
2012-03-22 Manuel TortosaScrew up that, supply a simpler solution for now
2012-03-22 Manuel TortosaAdd the skeleton of the Akabei Json API
2012-03-20 Manuel TortosaAdd an script for unlock a repo removing a simple text...
2012-03-20 Manuel TortosaAdd a script for locking a repo using a simple txt...
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