last changeThu, 15 Dec 2011 01:09:55 +0000 (01:09 +0000)
2011-12-15 mark burdettadd recurring property to donation list master
2011-09-24 mark burdettset correct title for front page.
2011-09-05 mark burdettdowngrade jqplot due to bugginess on android devices
2011-09-05 mark burdettadd noisetor paths; change date format to better fit...
2011-08-31 mark burdettalso tweak the sample code (hrm maybe sample code shoul...
2011-08-31 mark burdettpadding and tick interval is screwed up with the curren...
2011-08-22 mark burdettadd some sample code to docs page.
2011-08-21 mark burdettadd donation count to donation total json
2011-08-21 mark burdettupgrade jqplot to 1.0 beta
2011-08-21 mark burdettuse minimized CSS
2011-08-21 mark burdettclarify that main donations feed only includes donation...
2011-08-21 mark burdettfilter out noisetor donations from default feed.
2011-08-21 mark burdettadd support for filtering by noisetor donations
2011-08-21 mark burdetttweak RSS title and description.
2011-01-26 mark burdettadd tabs for other periods (year to date etc.)
2011-01-24 mark burdettuse application/json mime type
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