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last changeSun, 12 Jul 2009 18:50:31 +0000 (19:50 +0100)
2009-07-12 Andy ChambersAdded TODO file master
2009-07-12 Andy Chamberstidy up defpackage declaration
2009-07-12 Andy Chambersadded expander copyright header
2009-07-12 Andy Chambersadd the support for the tile notebook widget
2009-07-12 Andy Chambersadd support for "on-hover" actions
2009-07-12 Andy Chambersadd frame-row to the list of exported classes
2009-07-12 Andy ChambersTime -> CTime
2009-07-12 Andy Chambersfixes a bug in the entry/listbox widgets
2009-07-12 Andy Chambersleave out togl for now
2009-07-12 Andy Chambersdefmodel -> defmd
2009-07-12 Andy ChambersCeltk -> celtk
2008-03-20 Andy Chambersadd right/down arrows to expander button
2008-03-17 Andy Chambersexpander widget works but no down/right arrows
2008-03-15 Andy Chambersadd default values for the gears demo globals
2008-03-15 Andy Chambersadd togl to interp-init-ensure
2008-03-15 Andy Chambersgeneral tidy up
8 years ago master