2013-01-05 G.raudversion/0.1 version/0.1
2013-01-05 G.raud.gitignore
2013-01-05 G.raudbuild system: let configure search for install and...
2013-01-05 G.raudproject build system
2013-01-05 G.raudproject documentation
2013-01-05 G.raudnrgtool: new command to extract tracks from Nero .NRG...
2013-01-05 G.raudraw96cdconv: links to manpages
2013-01-05 G.raudraw96cdconv: add a copyright notice
2012-11-19 G.raudraw96cdconv: new name of rawcdconv
2012-11-18 G.raudrawcdconv: expand spaces to tabs init
2012-11-18 G.raudrawcdconv: improved messages
2012-11-18 G.raudrawcdconv: Bug: always close FH
2012-11-18 G.raudrawcdconv: Bug: print info and close FH when short...
2012-11-18 G.raudrawcdconv: Bug: do not create empty files when $no_act
2012-11-18 G.raudrawcdconv: new name of rawcddaconv; compatible with...
2012-11-18 G.raudrawcddaconv: new command to convert between raw CDDA...
2012-11-18 G.raudInitial empty commit