state inside comments that GNU sed is required
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2013-05-28 G.raudREADME: obfuscated email address
2013-05-28 G.raudchange user-visible email address to
2013-05-28 G.raudREADME, INSTALL, BUGS, RPM, DEB: point to online resources
2013-03-05 G.raudversion/0.2 version/0.2
2013-03-05 G.raudREADME, RPM, DEB: improved project description
2013-03-01 G.raudINSTALL.html: build INSTALL as an html file separate...
2013-01-13 G.raudINSTALL, README, NEWS, RPM, DEB: dvdimgdecss
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: new program merged from branch 'dvdimgdecss'
2013-01-13 G.raudINSTALL, README, NEWS: cssdec and arch dependent
2013-01-05 G.raudproject documentation