2013-05-28 G.raudINSTALL.NetBSD: new doc of the install procedure in...
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: various portability improvements
2013-05-28 more portable usage of sed
2013-05-28 make the sed program from a here document
2013-05-28 state inside comments that GNU sed...
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile, INSTALL: warn that GNU make is required
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: [bug] more portable usage of sed
2013-05-28 G.raudINSTALL: procedure for verifying the signatures
2013-05-28 G.raudINSTALL: binary build of a source RPM/DEB package
2013-05-28 G.raudmanpages: remove the email address
2013-05-28 G.raudREADME: obfuscated email address
2013-05-28 G.raudchange user-visible email address to
2013-05-28 G.raudREADME, INSTALL, BUGS, RPM, DEB: point to online resources
2013-05-28 G.raudINSTALL: add web links to the dependencies
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: ChangeLog: add page breaks to mark a release...
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: ChangeLog: call; name changed
2013-05-28 --version
2013-05-28 --no-blankline: do not separate title...
2013-05-28 merge the 2 sed programs together
2013-05-28 --title-only: do not include the log...
2013-05-28 new sh helper script to extract a...
2013-05-28 dynamically set the version number from...
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: dist: create tarballs including generated...
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: docdist: generate a tarball without a suffix...
2013-05-28 G.raudMakefile: dist, docdist: generate sha512 sums & clean...
2013-05-28 G.raudasciidoc.conf, add an identification...
2013-05-28 improve portability & re-format & add a...
2013-03-05, Makefile: add a copyright/license header
2013-03-05 G.raudcssdec.1.txt, dvdimgdecss.1.txt: same licensing terms...
2013-03-05 G.raudraw96cdconv, nrgtool, cssdec.c, dvdimgdecss.c: full...
2013-03-05 G.raudversion/0.2 version/0.2
2013-03-05 G.raudREADME, RPM, DEB: improved project description
2013-03-01 G.raudINSTALL.html: build INSTALL as an html file separate...
2013-03-01 G.raudINSTALL, Makefile: improved installation instructions
2013-03-01 G.raudNEWS: nrgtool updates & fixes
2013-03-01 G.raudnrgtool: [bug] --32: workaround switch for Perl without...
2013-03-01 G.raudraw96cdconv: [fix] POD: fix ccd2iso usage example
2013-03-01 G.raudraw96cdconv, nrgtool: POD: code re-formatting, mild...
2013-03-01 G.raudraw96cdconv, nrgtool: POD: document the switch --version
2013-03-01 G.raudnrgtool: [bug] fix wrong error in "list" when --no...
2013-02-02 G.raudnrgtool: [bug] extract_iff(): do not write when $no_act
2013-02-02 G.raudcssdec.c, dvdimgdecss.c: version number and switch -V
2013-02-02 G.raudcssdec.c: get rid of the Hungarian notation (of most...
2013-02-02 G.raudMakefile: clean: remove *~
2013-02-02 G.raudRPM: install NEWS (text version)
2013-02-02 G.raudMakefile: deborig: keep an existing .orig.tar.gz
2013-02-02 G.raudMakefile: dist: avoid unnecessary re-builds
2013-02-02 G.raudMakefile: [bug] abort on errors inside embedded shell...
2013-02-02 G.raudMakefile: [bug] dist, docdist: use TAR_FLAGS and set...
2013-02-02 G.raudadd missing dependencies
2013-02-02 G.raudautoconf, Makefile: build the POD and asciidoc manpages...
2013-02-02 G.raudMakefile: install: set the autoconf perl path in scripts
2013-02-02 G.raudautoconf: check for sed, not for awk
2013-02-02 G.raudcssdec.1.txt, dvdimgdecss.1.txt: new manpages for cssde...
2013-02-02 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: progress(): percentage only if verbosity > 2
2013-02-02 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: use printe()
2013-02-02 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: -v, verbosity, printe()
2013-02-02 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: -c: let libdvdread get the title keys...
2013-02-02 G.raudcssdec.c: do not use a macro DEFAULT_VERBOSITY
2013-02-02 G.raudcssdec.c: strtol() instead of atoi()
2013-01-13 G.raudcssdec.c: -a: to open <out_file> in append mode
2013-01-13 G.raudcssdec.c: -o <out_file>: to write to a given file
2013-01-13 G.raudcssdec.c: -k: to only obtain the title key and exit
2013-01-13 G.raudcssdec.c: only get a key at the start
2013-01-13 G.raudcssdec.c: abort in case of an I/O error
2013-01-13 G.raudcssdec.c: exit( i_status ) maintenance
2013-01-13 G.raudcssdec.c: print the usage message on stderr
2013-01-13 G.raudINSTALL, README, NEWS, RPM, DEB: dvdimgdecss
2013-01-13 G.raudRPM, DEB: depend on libdvdread
2013-01-13 error if AC_CHECK_LIB fails
2013-01-13 [bug] AC_CHECK_LIB: check for dvdcss_open...
2013-01-13 G.raudautoconf, Makefile: dvdimgdecss.c
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: new program merged from branch 'dvdimgdecss'
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: always copy non VOB streams
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: use libdvdcss by default
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: main(): also copy the non-decrypted...
2013-01-13 G.raudautoconf, Makefile: generate and/or distribute config...
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: dvdsize(): new function
2013-01-13 G.raudcssdec.c: conditionally include a config.h
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: copyblocks(): new function
2013-01-13 major update based on autoscan output
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: removetitles(), removeblock(): new functions
2013-01-13 G.rauddebian/rules: CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS & hardening
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: -c: option to read with libdvdcss directly
2013-01-13 G.rauddvdimgdecss.c: new command to decrypt a DVD Video image...
2013-01-13 G.raudMakefile: use LDFLAGS, CPPFLAGS
2013-01-13 G.raudcssdec.c: moved in the root directory
2013-01-13 G.raudRPM, DEB: use autoconf
2013-01-13 G.raudmisc/cssdec.c: new program merged from branch 'dvdcss'
2013-01-13 G.raudMakefile: better compatibility with autoconf
2013-01-13 G.raudmisc/cssdec.c: check write error and report
2013-01-13 G.raudMakefile: [bug] make 'dist' work even without git
2013-01-13 G.raudINSTALL, README, NEWS: cssdec and arch dependent
2013-01-13 G.raudRPM, DEB: libdvdcss dependency & architecture dependent...
2013-01-13 G.raudnrgtool: report or abort when error in read_chunk()
2013-01-13 G.raudmisc/cssdec.c: count skipped; warn failed
2013-01-13 G.raudnrgtool: --iff: new option to process a bare IFF file
2013-01-13 G.raudmisc/cssdec.c: read from start till EOF if no sector...
2013-01-13 G.raudNEWS: deb packaging, Changelog