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2011-12-23 Jon SpriggsJamendo recently changed their CDN. These patches use... master
2011-10-24 Jon SpriggsLooks like Jamendo added another CDN server for this.
2011-04-07 Jon SpriggsMade upload.php more user-friendly.
2011-03-28 Jon SpriggsFixed some bugs and made all user-entered arrays case...
2011-03-23 Jon SpriggsAny upload can have any field amended.
2011-03-19 Jon SpriggsIt appears that the download portion of the upload...
2011-03-19 Jon SpriggsIncreased the timeout, massively!
2011-03-16 Jon SpriggsUse proper spoken numbers, grouped in two digits.
2011-03-16 Jon SpriggsChange show processing library.
2011-03-13 Jon SpriggsAdded some more code to check cchits submission and...
2011-03-13 Jon SpriggsThere has been an issue with the cchits json code,...
2011-03-12 Jon SpriggsLots of changes!
2011-03-10 Jon SpriggsAdded SoundCloud upload features
2011-03-05 JonTheNiceGuyAdded a new uploader script. (upload.php)
2011-02-23 Jon SpriggsMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-23 Jon SpriggsAdded an XLS version of the file to give Windows only...
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