last changeFri, 24 Sep 2010 16:22:06 +0000 (17:22 +0100)
2010-09-24 Iain LaneParameterise FALGEBRA on the category master
2010-09-24 Iain LaneFree monoid construction
2010-09-24 Iain LaneAdded category of (Agda) monoids
2010-09-21 Joey CapperUpdated Everything.agda to include recent additions...
2010-09-21 Joey CapperThe LIST functor gives rise to a monad.
2010-09-21 Joey CapperMoved LIST functor into a separate module (from ListTre...
2010-09-15 Iain LaneForget about the monadic structure on an endofunctor
2010-09-14 Joey CapperEqualising morphisms are monic.
2010-09-14 Joey CapperThe category of relations over sets.
2010-09-14 Joey CapperAdded pullbacks. Set has "pullbacks."
2010-09-14 Joey CapperRemoved Category constructor.
2010-09-14 Joey CapperAdded const export to Fun.
2010-09-13 Joey CapperThe category of posets.
2010-09-13 Joey CapperThe category of Endofunctors over an arbitrary functor.
2010-09-13 Joey CapperMoved List/Tree Natural transformation example on endo...
2010-09-13 Joey CapperHeavy refactoring. Stratified Category.agda. Created...
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