last changeTue, 7 Apr 2015 18:17:56 +0000 (14:17 -0400)
2015-04-07 Chris TelferAdd CRC-32 functions. master
2014-09-23 Chris TelferAdd software-based division support.
2014-09-14 Chris TelferAdd catlib.h: should have been in the last commit.
2014-09-14 Chris TelferUpdate nolibc version further based on RPI work.
2014-09-06 Chris TelferSupport platforms w/o native float and division.
2014-09-03 Chris TelferSupport compiler-specific header files over local.
2014-08-30 Chris TelferMore modifications to run on the Raspberry PI.
2014-08-21 Chris TelferUpdate build system configuration.
2013-11-05 Chris TelferAdjustments to build to improve portabilitiy.
2013-10-28 Chris TelferFix erroneous memset() size in TLSF init.
2013-10-21 Chris TelferAdd README and fix x86_32 platform builds.
2013-10-05 Chris TelferAdd simpler array initializer for optparse.h
2013-09-06 Chris TelferFix l_merge().
2013-09-04 Chris TelferAdd argname and better init macros to optparse.h
2013-08-28 Chris TelferMake str_copy* and str_cat* to return # non-null.
2013-08-26 Chris TelferFix IPv6 string parsing.
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