last changeSun, 17 Feb 2013 03:02:59 +0000 (20:02 -0700)
2013-02-17 Ken DreyerAdd AGPLv3 text file master 1
2013-01-31 Christian JohansenVersion bump: 1.0 v1.0.0
2013-01-31 Christian JohansenUse bane for event managment
2011-08-31 Christian JohansenNew sample in docs/
2011-08-31 Christian JohansenUpdate test to reflect refNames -> refs change
2011-08-31 Christian JohansenUpdate message reporter to use "refs", not "refNames"
2011-08-30 Christian JohansenAllow separate line and dot colors
2011-08-30 Christian JohansenAdd ref names to the output of the message markup formatter
2011-08-30 Christian JohansenGraph now emits the branch along with the path
2011-08-30 Christian JohansenReimplement line generation in graph engine.
2011-08-30 Christian JohansenOnly extract the color when we know it exists
2011-08-30 Christian JohansenUse same colors in sample graph as we do in Gitorious
2011-08-26 Christian JohansenUse same color for stroke and fill. Lighter paths.
2011-08-25 Christian JohansenFix 'corners' - no messages above diagonal lines
2011-08-25 Christian JohansenDon't print commit messages under lines
2011-08-25 Christian JohansenHack'n'slash svg markup reporter
6 years ago v1.0.0
6 years ago master