last changeFri, 28 Aug 2009 12:10:56 +0000 (14:10 +0200)
2009-08-28 Alexandre Dulaunoyadded the scenario from Senegal explained by TSF Luxembourg master
2009-08-21 Alexandre DulaunoyMore usage of the cap2voice service
2009-08-21 Alexandre DulaunoyIncluded TODO following TSF meeting with scenario in...
2009-07-03 Alexandre Dulaunoyfestival (voice synth software) config added
2009-05-23 Alexandre DulaunoyCreate directory tree if required
2009-05-22 Alexandre DulaunoyCAP XML namespace support added.
2009-05-20 Alexandre Dulaunoycap:headline added by default
2009-05-20 Alexandre DulaunoyPerl requirements added
2009-05-20 Alexandre DulaunoyMinimal library for text2speech added
2009-05-20 Alexandre DulaunoyEarly Minimal Common Alerting Protocol parser
2009-05-19 Alexandre Dulaunoysample configuration added
2009-05-19 Alexandre DulaunoyMore test with text2speech to validate our assumption in
2009-05-19 Alexandre DulaunoyFirst test case of automatic voice message generation...
2009-05-19 Alexandre Dulaunoytesting cap xml structure
2009-05-19 Alexandre DulaunoyBasic structure of the free software project cap2voice...
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