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2015-03-03 CalinouAdd size information to slab description (by est31). master
2015-02-22 CalinouAdd moreblocks.circular_saw_crafting to enable or disab...
2015-02-11 CalinouCheck for ndef before registering Stairs+ nodes.
2015-01-23 CalinouMake rail crafting give 24 rails, remove redundant...
2015-01-23 CalinouMake glass connected optionally, add detail textures.
2015-01-12 CalinouMore informative and shorter headers.
2015-01-11 CalinouAdd licensing headers to all files, fix intllib global...
2015-01-06 Olivier SamynAdd support for minetest game pine tree.
2014-12-27 CalinouBig cleanup. Fix intllib support.
2014-12-27 CalinouAdd compressed cobblestone, crafted with 9 cobblestone.
2014-10-30 CalinouAdd some more recipes for slopes.
2014-10-29 CalinouAdd inner, outer, outer-cut slopes and their half and...
2014-10-28 CalinouAdd slopes and their crafting.
2014-10-19 CalinouFix issue #1: “stairsplus_in_creative_inventory not...
2014-08-20 CalinouContinue the potential fix.
2014-08-20 CalinouAdd potential fix for circular saw crash.
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