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2015-01-20 CalinouFix typo: steel ⇒ diamond. master
2015-01-12 CalinouMore informative and shorter headers.
2015-01-11 CalinouAdd licensing headers to all files.
2015-01-06 CalinouCleanup.
2014-12-27 CalinouBig cleanup. Fix intllib support.
2014-10-25 CalinouFix MAPTOOLS_CREATIVE setting for unbreakable nodes.
2014-09-26 CalinouClarify maptools_creative being a constant by capitaliz...
2014-08-29 CalinouRun nodeupdate when using Admin Pickaxe.
2014-08-03 CalinouAdd permanently wet soil.
2014-08-02 CalinouNew admin pickaxe texture, add a separate texture for...
2014-08-02 CalinouShow who digs using an Admin Pickaxe in the console.
2014-07-27 CalinouAdd missing file.
2014-07-27 CalinouNew unbreakable nodes, fixes.
2014-07-19 CalinouMake Super Apple use the same selection box as default...
2014-07-04 CalinouImproved coin textures, make coins smaller when dropped.
2014-05-24 CalinouAdded grass slabs, made grass rotatable.
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