2010-05-25 Chris ChilversBidirectionalDictionary should have a constructor for...
2010-05-21 ermauAdded equality comparer. Fixed a bug in enumerator...
2010-04-13 Jonathan PryorFix unit test execution under .NET 3.5.
2010-03-30 Jonathan PryorWrap Tuple definitions within a `#if !NET_4_0` block.
2010-03-30 Jonathan PryorUse CSharpCodeProvider.GenerateCodeFromNamespace()...
2010-03-30 Jonathan PryorOverride Math<T>.HasBounds/etc. in ExpressionMath<T>.
2010-03-30 Jonathan PryorExpressionMath<T> should override Math<T>.IsInfinite().
2010-03-30 Jonathan PryorFix MathContract<T>.Log() expected exceptions.
2010-03-30 Jonathan PryorMath<T>.E should default to Math.E, not Math.PI.
2010-03-30 Jonathan PryorSimpleNumberMath should override From/ToIConvertible().
2010-03-30 Jonathan PryorAdd Math<T> contract tests for Exp(), Sqrt(), Log().
2010-03-25 Chris ChilversAdd binary search extension to allow custom comparers
2010-03-22 Chris Chilversupdate nunit project file
2010-03-22 Chris Chilversfixed line endings
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorRename files to match the public types within them.
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorRemove unused file.
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorFlush documentation.
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorIgnore .mdb files.
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorNaming convention change: generated files have '.g...
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorSplit Delegates.cs into ActionCoda and FuncCoda types.
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorRename NUnit assemblies from *_test.dll to *-Tests...
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorRename Cadenza.Constraints.dll to Cadenza.Core.dll.
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorSplit Tuple.cs into multiple files.
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorRemove MaybeCoda.
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorSplit up CodeDomRocks.cs into multiple files.
2010-03-15 Jonathan PryorTools should use a common Tools.dll instead of sharing...
2010-03-09 Jonathan PryorMake ExpressionMath<T> members 'readonly'.
2010-03-09 Jonathan PryorAdd Cadenza.dll reference to Cadenza.Constraints_test...
2010-03-09 Jonathan PryorAdd MaxValue and MinValue support to ExpressionMath<T>.
2010-03-08 Jonathan PryorAdd ExpressionMath<T> support for floating-point types.
2010-03-08 Jonathan PryorAdd tests for ExpressionMath<T>.
2010-03-08 Jonathan PryorAdd tests for Math<T>.Divide(), Math<T>.Reciprocal().
2010-03-08 Jonathan PryorAdd tests for Math<T>.ToIConvertible().
2010-03-08 Jonathan PryorFlush docs.
2010-03-05 Jonathan PryorAdd Math<double> support.
2010-03-05 Jonathan PryorAdd Math<T> tests.
2010-03-05 Jonathan PryorFlush doc stubs.
2010-03-05 Jonathan PryorMath<T> member renamings.
2010-03-04 Jonathan PryorLook for conversion methods in ExpressionMath<T>.
2010-03-04 Jonathan PryorAdd "minimal Math<T> implementation" tests.
2010-03-04 Jonathan PryorFlush doc stubs.
2010-03-04 Jonathan PryorRemove Tuples from Math<T>.QuotientRemainder(), Math...
2010-03-04 Jonathan PryorInt32Math should override the metadata properties.
2010-03-04 Jonathan PryorAdd tests for Math<T>.Quotient(), .Remainder(), .Divide().
2010-03-04 Jonathan PryorFlush documentation.
2010-03-04 Jonathan PryorAdd metadata properties to Math<T>.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorRemove NSE methods from ExpressionMath<T>.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorInt32Math should override Math<int>.ToInt32().
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorProvide default implementations for Math<T>.Abs(),...
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorCode formatting changes.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorImprove the MathContract<T>.Sign() test.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorAdd more Math<T> unit tests.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorAdd Math<T>.IEEERemainder(T,T).
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorAdd tests for Math<T>.Enumerate*() methods.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorRemove the Int32 intermediates from Math<T>.Enumerate...
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorStart Math<T> unit tests.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorMake Math<T> abstract, and make some core methods abstract.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorAdd a Math<int> implementation.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorRemove warnings.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorRemove intermediate Math<T> interfaces.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorBetter support Silverlight profile.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorRename files to match the public types within.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorUse Either.TryConvert() for type changes.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorTerminology change: Parse is for strings, Convert for...
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorMake Math<T> implement the appropriate interfaces.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorUse BigInteger/IConvertible for Haskell Integer.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorRename MathProvider<T> to Math<T>.
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorRename ISequentiallyOrderedTypeProvider.Parse() to...
2010-03-03 Jonathan PryorProvide default implementations of the IOrderedTpyeProv...
2010-03-02 Jonathan PryorBegin providing a generic math infrastructure.
2010-03-02 Jonathan PryorUse the proper //source/@basefile value.
2010-02-18 Jonathan PryorAdd CollectionCoda documentation stubs.
2010-02-18 Jonathan PryorAdd IDictionary<K,V>.SequenceEqual() extension method.
2010-02-17 ermauAdded ICollection<T>.RemoveAll (Func<T, bool> predicate)
2010-02-04 Jonathan PryorAdd IDictionaryContract tests for the .Keys and .Values...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorCorrect copyright years.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorAdd IDictionaryContract/etc. tests for OrderedDictionary.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorMigrate ReadOnlyDictionary tests to use IDictionaryCont...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorIgnore *.pidb, *.exe.mdb files.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorFlush documentation stubs.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorAdd "contract" tests for ICollection<T>, IDictionary...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorFlush doc stubs.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorRemove Synchronized* types.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorRemove ReaderWriterLockSlim dependency from Synchronize...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorMake SynchronizedCollection EnumerableBehavior more...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorAdd missing documentation stubs.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorAdd argument checking; conform to argument naming conve...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorConform to coding conventions.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorRemove remaining Cdh.Toolkit files.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorMove remaining Cdh.Toolkit extension methods into Caden...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorRename DictionaryCoda.SetValue() to DictionaryCoda...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorRemove Cdh.Toolkit.Json.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorFollow coding style guidelines.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorFinished merging Cdh.Toolkit.Collections.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorMake Synchronized* types follow coding conventions.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorMove Cdh.Toolkit Synchronized Collections into Cadenza...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorAdd Cdh.Toolkit Event extensions to EventHandlerCoda.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorAdd Cdh.Toolkit IDictionary extension methods to Dictio...
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorAdd EnumerableCoda author.
2010-02-03 Jonathan PryorMerge Cdh.Toolkit.Extensions.Enumerable.Extensions...