2012-05-07 Simon PenaDoc: added help on translating Butaca
2012-05-07 Simon PenaTODO: use github issues to track tasks
2012-05-07 Simon PenaInstruct git to ignore Qt Creator project files
2012-05-07 Simon Penaqmake: add AUTHORS.md and COPYING as OTHER_FILES
2012-05-07 Simon PenaAboutView: add missing contributor
2012-05-07 Simon PenaAUTHORS: use markdown syntax
2012-05-07 Simon Penal10n: Spanish translation updated
2012-05-07 Simon Penal10n: English translation updated
2012-05-07 Simon PenaAboutView: update credits to contributors
2012-05-07 Simon PenaAboutView: use the exposed packageVersion value
2012-05-07 Simon PenaController: expose the PACKAGEVERSION into the Declarat...
2012-05-07 Simon PenaBuild: parse package version and expose it as a DEFINE
2012-05-07 Simon PenaAboutView: update colors
2012-05-07 Simon Penapackaging: updated debian/control
2012-05-07 Simon Penaart: added m, l and xl icons
2012-05-07 Simon PenaMovieView: fix sharing a movie url
2012-05-07 Simon PenaSortFilterModel: map proxy indices to source model
2012-05-07 Simon PenaAC: parse additional category slug
2012-05-07 Simon Penal10n: German translation partially updated
2012-05-07 Simon Penal10n: Portuguese translation partially updated
2012-05-07 Simon Penal10n: Spanish translation updated
2012-05-07 Simon Penal10n: English translation updated
2012-05-07 Simon Penal10n: replace qsTrId with qsTr
2012-05-06 Simon PenaAboutView: fixing wrong translation method
2012-05-06 Simon PenaPersonView: make translation plural-aware
2012-05-06 Simon PenaSearchView: update translation strings
2012-05-06 Simon Penal10n: update translation support
2012-05-06 Simon PenaAboutView: use CSS to make links appear in white
2012-05-06 Simon PenaListsView: add a background image so it doesn't feel...
2012-05-06 Simon PenaShowtimesView: add missing ScrollDecorator
2012-05-06 Simon PenaWelcomeView: center the favorites in the WelcomePage
2012-05-06 Simon PenaFavoritesView: add ScrollDecorator and fix Header
2012-05-06 Simon PenaFavoritesView: show a placeholder when the list is...
2012-05-06 Simon PenaMovieView: allow adding / removing movies to / from...
2012-05-06 Simon PenaStorage: add a method to check whether a movie is in...
2012-05-06 Simon PenaLists support: added ListsView and FavoritesView
2012-05-06 Simon PenaStorage: add a watchlist table into the database
2012-05-06 Simon PenaMultipleMoviesView: update delegate so used properties...
2012-05-06 Simon PenaMultipleMoviesView: allow refreshing results when browsing
2012-05-06 Simon PenaTheatersView: allow refreshing results
2012-05-06 Simon PenaMultipleMoviesView: allow changing the browsing settings
2012-05-06 Simon PenaTheatersView: allow changing the location settings
2012-05-06 Simon PenaSettingsView: add different states for sections visibility
2012-05-06 Simon PenaShowtimesView: use a small font for the movie showtimes
2012-05-06 Simon PenaMyListDelegate: anchor the label column to the MoreIndi...
2012-05-06 Simon PenaShowtimesView: wrap movie names and movie showtimes
2012-05-06 Simon PenaTheaterShowtimesFetcher: update documentation
2012-05-06 Simon PenaImageSaver: update documentation and make the save...
2012-05-06 Simon PenaCustomNetworkAccessManagerFactory: add documentation
2012-05-06 Simon PenaController: update missing documentation
2012-05-05 Simon PenaTheatersView: improve Header behaviour
2012-05-05 Simon PenaTheatersView: display short list of movies playing...
2012-05-05 Simon PenaAllow filtering cinemas by movies playing there
2012-05-05 Simon PenaTheatersView: connect cinemas with the ShowtimesView
2012-05-05 Simon PenaSortFilterModel: add documentation and update for Theat...
2012-05-05 Simon PenaExpose a MovieListModel from the TheaterListModel
2012-05-05 Simon PenaCinema: keep a list of movies instead of a model
2012-05-05 Simon PenaUpdate the documentation for the TheaterListModel
2012-05-05 Simon PenaDisplay only the cinemas in the ShowtimesView
2012-05-05 Simon PenaAdded a class for Cinemas
2012-05-05 Simon PenaAdded a MovieListModel
2012-04-25 Simon PenaREADME: fix broken references
2012-04-25 Simon PenaIncrease version number
2012-04-25 Simon PenaAdd README.md to the project
2012-04-22 Simon PenaAdd / update copyright
2012-04-22 Simon PenaSave favorites database in the proper place
2012-04-22 Simon PenaRemove unneeded code
2012-04-22 Simon PenaStop loading once a person is found in the SearchView
2012-04-22 Simon PenaUpdate SectionDelegate
2012-04-22 Simon PenaUpdate AboutView
2012-04-22 Simon PenaFix translation for main view favorites
2012-04-22 Simon PenaFix NoContentItem alignment and wrapping issues
2012-04-22 Simon PenaFix escaping in the regular expression
2012-04-22 Simon PenaClear models before populating them
2012-04-22 Simon PenaUpdate ShowtimesView and link it to MovieView
2012-04-22 Simon PenaAllow loading movie info using the IMDB identifier
2012-04-22 Simon PenaUpdate i18n information using qsTrId
2012-04-22 Simon PenaAdd a get method to the ShowtimesModel providing a...
2012-04-22 Simon PenaAllow accessing IMDB id from the TheaterModel
2012-04-22 Simon PenaAllow saving the IMDb identifier in showtime movies
2012-04-22 Simon PenaProvide an ObjectMenu for the Person and Movie view
2012-04-22 Simon PenaFinish using namespace Util instead of BUTACA for utilities
2012-04-22 Simon PenaMore refactoring for populating models
2012-04-22 Simon PenaDocument the MovieDatabase wrapper object
2012-04-22 Simon PenaExtract AC parsing process into its module
2012-04-22 Simon PenaRemove WorkerScript, no longer needed
2012-04-22 Simon PenaUse common asyncQuery and movie extras method
2012-04-22 Simon PenaAdd the asyncQuery as a common utility
2012-04-22 Simon PenaAdd a method to get the URL for movie extras
2012-04-22 Simon PenaUpdated AfterCredits utilities
2012-04-22 Simon PenaStart replacing BUTACA namespace with Util for utilities
2012-04-22 Simon PenaUpdate the Label indicating extended content is loading
2012-04-22 Simon PenaRemove old API bits
2012-04-21 Simon PenaUse the new wrapper on TMDb API
2012-04-21 Simon PenaProvide a more consistent wrapper on TMDb API
2012-04-21 Simon PenaRemove unused imports
2012-04-20 Simon PenaSimplify and use the ButacaToolBar in MovieView and...
2012-04-20 Simon PenaAdd margins when showing the NoContent message
2012-04-20 Simon PenaRemoved wrong usage of implicit variables in the delegates
2012-04-20 Simon PenaRework the SearchView to use a Loader