last changeMon, 4 Oct 2010 06:50:02 +0000 (08:50 +0200)
2010-10-04 Simón Penabuild: added introspection m4 to the distribution master
2010-10-03 Simón Penaannotationes: annotated and documented BtcWatcMovie
2010-10-03 Simón Penacore: make WatcStingers an enum property
2010-10-03 Simón Penaannotations: Annotated BtcMInfoProvider
2010-10-03 Simón Penacore: added GObject Introspection support
2010-10-03 Simón Penabuild: added GTK-Doc support
2010-10-03 Simón Penatest: added a simple D-Bus console test
2010-10-03 Simón Penabuild: start using
2010-10-03 Simón Penabuild: generate a butaca shared library
2010-10-03 Simón Penabuild: updated to improve versioning
2010-10-03 Simón Penaproject: removed sample btc program
2010-08-24 Simón PenaAdded built sources to clean files
2010-08-24 Simón PenaUpdated changelog
2010-08-24 Simón Penaminfoprovider-service: Added DBus method 'exit'
2010-08-24 Simón Penaminfoprovider-service: Solved memory leak with DBus
2010-08-24 Simón Penaminfoprovider: added service 'none' to fix compiler...
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