2014-04-26 Peter Korsgaardczmq: fix license after version bump
2014-04-26 Simon Dawsonczmq: bump version to v2.2.0
2014-04-26 Simon Dawsonlibtpl: bump version to v1.6.1
2014-04-26 Thomas Petazzoniltp-testsuite: does not build on NIOS II
2014-04-26 Thomas Petazzoniltp-testsuite: re-enable on AArch64
2014-04-26 Thomas Petazzonigdb: not available on NIOS II
2014-04-26 Alexey Brodkinuboot: bump to version 2014.04
2014-04-26 Peter Seidererevemu: use sysroot provided input.h file (instead of...
2014-04-25 Thomas Petazzoniacpid: add patch to fix build failure with external...
2014-04-25 Thomas PetazzoniRevert "acpid: unavailable for external uClibc toolchains"
2014-04-25 Peter Seidererevemu: bump version to 1.2.0
2014-04-24 Baruch Siachne10: bump version to 1.0.0
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariasacpid: unavailable for external uClibc toolchains
2014-04-24 Samuel replace "echo -en" with printf
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariasmpd: bump to version 0.18.10
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaarddnsmasq: bump version
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariastoolchain: enable internal for aarch64
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariasgcc: enable for aarch64
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariasbinutils: disable <2.24 for aarch64
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariaspackage/gcc: disable libsanitizer for uClibc
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariasarm: update processor types
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariastoolchain: add gcc 4.9 series
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariaslinux-headers: bump 3.{12,13}.x series
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardproftpd: fix largefile file size printing
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardproftpd: bump version
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardgst1-libav: bump version
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardgst1-plugins-ugly: bump version
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardgst-plugins-bad: bump version
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardgst1-plugins-good: bump version
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardgst1-plugings-base: bump version
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardgstreamer1: bump version
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardorc: bump version
2014-04-24 Peter Korsgaardlibfslcodec: add comment explaining why it needs glibc
2014-04-24 Baruch Siachsmack: fix dependencies comment
2014-04-24 Thomas De Schampheleirejack2: bump version to ab409a65df95bc261ff72b52d6b3f4a6...
2014-04-24 Gustavo Zacariassamba4: bump to version 4.1.7 and improve cross build
2014-04-24 Baruch Siachsmack: needs kernel headers v3.0+
2014-04-23 Fabio PorceddaMakefile: let show-targets prints also the dependencies
2014-04-23 Fabio PorceddaMakefile: fix coding style regarding the '=' sign
2014-04-23 Yann E. MORINwget: fix host-gettext build dependency race
2014-04-23 Gustavo Zacariaslibdvdnav: bump to version 4.2.1
2014-04-23 Gustavo Zacariaslibdvdread: bump to version 4.2.1
2014-04-23 Gustavo Zacariasethtool: bump to version 3.14
2014-04-23 Baruch Siachlibgc: fix build under uClibc
2014-04-23 Gustavo Zacariasfreetype: host variant needs to run autogen too
2014-04-22 Jerzy Grzegorekmongrel2: bump to version v1.9.1
2014-04-22 Gustavo Zacariasfreetype: security bump to version 2.5.3
2014-04-22 Jerzy Grzegoreksmack: fix _VERSION and _SITE variable
2014-04-22 Gustavo Zacariasacpid: bump to version 2.0.22
2014-04-21 Yann E. MORINpackage/linux-firmware: install missing symlink-target...
2014-04-21 Yann E. MORINpackage/linux-firmware: fix typo in variable name
2014-04-21 Eric Le Bihansunxi-mali: add missing GLchar definitions.
2014-04-21 Romain Naourlibdrm: needs threads
2014-04-21 Fatih Aşıcıqt5base: fix no-opengl build with egl
2014-04-21 Thomas Petazzonimysql: disable maintainer mode
2014-04-21 Eric Le Bihansystem: add ability to pass additional users tables.
2014-04-21 Eric Le Bihansmack: new package.
2014-04-21 Eric Le Bihanlibcap: add menu entry to install tools.
2014-04-21 Peter Seidererpostgresql: bump version to 9.3.4
2014-04-21 Peter Seidererpostgresql: change readline and zlib to be real optiona...
2014-04-21 Samuel Martinutil-linux: fix chfn/chsh missing dependencies
2014-04-21 Thomas Petazzonimplayer: fix ARM floating point related build failures
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzoniutil-linux: do not install bash completion files
2014-04-20 Daniel Nyströme2tools: new package
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzonivo-aacenc: pass -marm to build non-Thumb2 compatible...
2014-04-20 Brian Beattiesunxi-tools: bump version
2014-04-20 Brian Beattiesunxi-boards: bump version
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzonilibstrophe: fix detection of libxml2
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzonijack2: needs C++ support
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzonicppcms: does not build on static library only, needs...
2014-04-20 Thomas PetazzoniRevert "host-nodejs: use g++ as linker"
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzonipkg-utils: introduce a make-based LOWERCASE function
2014-04-20 Peter Seidererpostgresql: new package
2014-04-20 Ivan Sergeevpython: fix readline extension compilation with readlin...
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzonipython3: do not rely only on LIBRARY_PATH for old compilers
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzonipython: do not rely only on LIBRARY_PATH for old compilers
2014-04-20 Will Wagneryaffs2: new filesystem type
2014-04-20 Will Wagneryaffs2utils: new package
2014-04-20 Dima Zavingrub2: add a configuration option to embed a config...
2014-04-20 Fabio PorceddaMakefile: target-generatelocales: add toolchain dependency
2014-04-20 Fabio PorceddaMakefile: toolchain-eclipse-register: add toolchain...
2014-04-20 Samuel Martingst1-plugins-bad: fix missing dependency for opencv...
2014-04-20 Samuel Martinnodejs: add a patch forcing link command to use CXX
2014-04-20 Samuel Martinnodejs: add sequence number to the patch filenames
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzonisyslinux: remove host variant
2014-04-20 Frank Hunlethsyslinux: install helper programs to the host
2014-04-20 Yann E. MORINsupport: properly check bash is available
2014-04-20 Thomas Petazzonilinux-headers: remove obsolete help paragraph
2014-04-20 Baruch Siachjansson: needs math library
2014-04-20 Baruch Siachmesa3d: needs NPTL threading
2014-04-19 Paul Cercueilutil-linux: Add config switches for some more binaries
2014-04-19 Yann E. MORINpackage/mesa3d: always enable openGL
2014-04-19 Francois Perradluacrypto: luarocks conversion
2014-04-19 Francois Perradluafilesystem: bump rockspec revision
2014-04-19 Francois Perradcgilua: bump rockspec revision
2014-04-19 Francois Perradwsapi: bump to version 1.6.1
2014-04-19 Francois Perradorbit: bump to version 2.2.1
2014-04-19 Francois Perradluajson: bump to version 1.3.3
2014-04-19 Francois Perradcoxpcall: bump to version 1.15.0
2014-04-19 Francois Perradcosmo: bump to version 14.03.04