last changeSat, 25 Feb 2012 02:49:02 +0000 (21:49 -0500)
2012-02-25 Kevin CoxInitial D support. master
2012-02-13 Kevin CoxSwapped lines to match order of arguments.
2012-02-13 Kevin CoxChanged order of parameters.
2012-02-13 Kevin Coxadded more unit tests.
2012-02-13 Kevin CoxFixed overwriting S.cpp.{debug,profile,...} with nil...
2012-02-13 Kevin CoxDefined DEBUG in debug builds and NDEBUG otherwise.
2012-02-12 Kevin CoxFixed memory leaks.
2012-02-10 Kevin CoxChanged our buildscripts to the new order of C.addGener...
2012-02-10 Kevin CoxChanged the order of arguments for C.addGenerator.
2012-02-03 Kevin CoxAdded testing framework.
2012-02-03 Kevin CoxAdded missing include.
2012-02-03 Kevin CoxFixed copy paste error.
2012-01-25 Kevin Coxws
2012-01-25 Kevin CoxMade debug settings global in S.cpp
2012-01-25 Kevin CoxMade optimizations and stuff a global setting.
2012-01-25 Kevin CoxChanged message to refrence our new name.
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