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2012-09-15 Tim AllenA shader for testing multipass implementations.
2012-08-29 Tim AllenAdd Pixellate-scanlines combo shader.
2012-06-16 Tim AllenFix typo in comment.
2012-04-01 Tim AllenFix the licensing link for Pixellate.
2012-03-27 Tim AllenUpdate to 5xBR v3.7 shaders.
2012-03-06 Tim AllenUpdates to the Pixellate shader.
2012-03-03 Tim Allen5xBR: Don't shrink single dark pixels.
2012-03-03 Tim AllenCredit crazy46guy for the GLSL conversion of 5xBR
2012-03-01 Tim AllenA GLSL version of Hyllian's 5xBR shader.
2012-02-09 Tim AllenUpdated the interlaced version of the CRT shader.
2012-02-04 Tim AllenNew version of the CRT shader from cgwg.
2011-10-21 Tim AllenA CRT shader that handles interlaced video.
2011-10-20 Tim AllenAdd HQ4x shader.
2011-10-14 Tim AllenApply filter settings from bsnes v083 shaders.
2011-10-14 Tim AllenQuilez shader requires linear filtering.
2011-10-04 Tim AllenCopied XML shaders from my bsnes repository.