last changeSun, 31 Mar 2013 01:41:44 +0000 (12:41 +1100)
2013-03-31 Tim AllenAdd filter="nearest" to some old shaders that need it. master
2012-11-26 Tim AllenFix typo in SABR shader
2012-11-22 Tim AllenUpdate to SABR v3.0.
2012-11-13 Tim AllenUpdated to v1.1 of the SABR shader.
2012-11-11 Tim AllenUpdate the SABR shader.
2012-11-11 Tim AllenAdded SABR shader by Joshua Street.
2012-09-23 Tim AllenAlways create power-of-two sized textures.
2012-09-22 Tim AllenMove CRT-interlaced-halation shader out of v1.1.
2012-09-18 Tim AllenFix tabs in test shader.
2012-09-18 Tim AllenAdd a test for texture-clamping to the test shader.
2012-09-15 Tim AllenAdd cgwg's NTSC artifact shader.
2012-09-15 Tim AllenAdd some sample textures to display.
2012-09-15 Tim AllenSort the texture list.
2012-09-15 Tim AllenRefactor uniform-setting some more.
2012-09-15 Tim AllenHave a fixed default texture filter method.
2012-09-15 Tim AllenAdd support for the final 'implicit pass'.
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