[bsnes:bsnes.git] / bsnes / target-libretro / libretro.cpp
2012-08-26 ThemaisterAccept RETRO_DEVICE_ANALOG.
2012-08-16 ThemaisterCorrect one-line offset.
2012-08-16 ThemaisterLoad chip games.
2012-06-18 ThemaisterSGB doesn't crash, but doesn't seem to work either.
2012-06-17 ThemaisterImprove overscan handling in libretro.
2012-05-15 ThemaisterUpdate to v089-style interface. Mostly untested.
2012-05-15 ThemaisterMerge branch 'master' (v089).
2012-04-26 OV2Include iplrom in libretro.cpp
2012-04-26 ThemaisterAdded peeking into video ram to libretro.
2012-04-25 Tim AllenMerge branch 'master' into libretro
2012-04-25 ThemaisterAdd libretro implementation of bSNES core.