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last changeSat, 7 Feb 2015 18:41:09 +0000 (12:41 -0600)
2015-02-07 Mik FirestoneMR121: fix crash when double-clicking recipes on brewdate master
2015-02-07 Mik FirestoneMR120: calories per 330mL for SI units
2015-02-01 Markus MÃ¥rtenssonMR113: fix crash on removing hop from hop dialog
2015-02-01 Mik FirestoneMR116: fix compiler warnings introduced from MR99
2015-01-31 Philip G. LeeMR110: remove aboutDialog.ui
2015-01-31 Daniel PetterssonMR112: delete button deletes all selected ingredients
2015-01-31 Philip G. LeeMR111: Test case for pstdint.h
2015-01-31 Philip G. LeeMR108: Add script to inspect .sqlite file changes manually
2015-01-31 Kregg KemperMR104: late sugar additions affect boil gravity
2015-01-31 Mik FirestoneMR99: simplify unit systems
2015-01-31 Mik FirestoneMR114: unitScale enum items renamed
2015-01-08 Maxime Lavigne... Conflict between pstdint and openGl in the definition... int32_conflict
2015-01-03 Kregg KemperMR105: updated product_id for Ringwood Ale yeast
2014-11-10 Philip G. LeeRemoved phonon in favor of QtMultimedia
2014-11-09 Philip G. LeeQt5 Upgrade: Windows build compiles and installs
2014-11-09 Philip G. LeeUpdate version strings to 2.2.0
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