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2009-12-16 SideinAdding better XML parsing, added some images, messing... master
2009-10-07 SideinTypes uses QString only for efficiency
2009-10-06 SideinCOLLISION DETECTION!!!
2009-10-06 SideinRemoved those annoying Thumbs.db files from the initial...
2009-10-06 SideinUpdated GPL lisence in headers to make the correct
2009-10-06 SideinRenamed protected vars to m_* & movement is working...
2009-10-06 SideinRemoved binaries
2009-10-06 SideinHouse cleaning plaux?
2009-10-06 SideinHouse keeping
2009-10-06 SideinAdded 'types'. Mover, or at least player is bugged atm
2009-08-07 Adam LiszkaMore images and things
2009-08-07 Adam LiszkaAdded 4WayRoad1 and HRoad1 images and added some licensing
2009-08-07 Adam LiszkaInitial Commit
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