update maintainer email address
[bowntz:bowntz.git] / bowntz.hs
2013-01-15 Claude Heiland-Allenupdate maintainer email address
2010-03-12 Claude Heiland-Allenbe -Wall clean
2010-03-12 Claude Heiland-Allenadd boilerplate to source file
2010-03-12 Claude Heiland-AllenRevert "previously uncommitted changes from a month...
2010-03-12 Claude Heiland-AllenRevert "trying to repair.."
2010-03-12 Claude Heiland-Allentrying to repair..
2010-03-11 Claude Heiland-Allenpreviously uncommitted changes from a month ago, forgot...
2010-02-11 Claude Heiland-Allentime-tagged bundles, don't crash on spurious events
2010-02-10 Claude Heiland-Allenrefactor ball creation and collision
2010-02-10 Claude Heiland-Allenspawn based on total kinetic energy
2010-02-10 Claude Heiland-Allenprune dead code
2010-02-09 Claude Heiland-Allenenergy from collisions extracted into sound
2010-02-09 Claude Heiland-Allenrational curvature
2010-02-09 Claude Heiland-Allendemo 1