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2010-06-28 Nathan R. YerglerUse settings instead of hard-coded values for site... master
2010-06-28 Nathan R. YerglerSupport setting the site and blog titles in the Carring...
2010-06-28 Nathan R. YerglerRemoving cruft; the frontpage expects the Page to have...
2010-06-28 Nathan R. YerglerUse WP menu for navigation instead of PHP inclusion.
2010-06-28 Nathan R. YerglerRegister the navigation menu with WordPress.
2010-06-28 Nathan R. YerglerCatch-up commit: header customization.
2010-06-28 Nathan R. YerglerCatch-up commit: child theme CSS
2010-06-28 Nathan R. YerglerCatch-up commit: WordPress style declaration for child...
2010-03-28 Nathan R. YerglerStill hide the byline/dateline on the front page, even...
2010-03-28 Nathan R. YerglerPlace blog post byline and dateline above the content.
2010-02-06 Nathan R. YerglerFront page handle.
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