2009-09-22 Stelian IonescuDon't DEFINE-CONDITION TIMEOUT on SBCL.
2009-09-21 Stelian IonescuImplement MAKE-RECURSIVE-LOCK on Allegro.
2009-09-21 Stelian IonescuDefine WITH-LOCK-HELD without EVAL-WHEN(on Lispworks).
2009-09-21 Attila LendvaiAdd keyarg NAME to MAKE-CONDITION-VARIABLE.
2009-09-21 Stelian IonescuImport SB-EXT:TIMEOUT on SBCL.
2009-08-10 Stelian IonescuCosmetic changes.
2009-08-10 Vladimir TzankovUpdate Clisp implementation, implement DESTROY-THREAD...
2009-07-12 Stelian IonescuFixes for Clisp HEAD.
2009-05-02 Stelian IonescuImplement JOIN-THREAD on Allegro, CMUCL, Lispworks...
2009-05-02 Stelian IonescuFix typo.
2009-04-20 Stelian IonescuAdd join-thread for CCL.
2009-04-11 Stelian IonescuDon't interfere with the host's initial bindings (repor...
2009-04-05 Stephen CompallFix usage of ccl:process-run-function on ClozureCL.
2009-04-04 Stelian IonescuFix DEFVAR of *default-special-bindings*.
2009-03-30 Stelian Ionescu*default-special-bindings* now defaults to NIL, move...
2009-03-30 Stelian IonescuUse forms(and EVAL) instead of funtions to yield values...
2009-03-21 Stelian IonescuClean bordeaux-threads.asd up.
2009-01-27 Stelian IonescuAdd Clisp support.
2009-01-27 Stelian IonescuRemove nickname THREADS because it's used by Clisp.
2009-01-27 Stelian IonescuFix JOIN-THREAD.
2009-01-11 Stelian IonescuUse "Anonymous" as default thread name.
2009-01-10 Stelian IonescuFix docstring setting in DEFDFUN and DEFDMACRO.
2009-01-10 Stelian IonescuStyle fix in SIGNAL-ERROR-IF-CURRENT-THREAD.
2009-01-10 Stelian IonescuUse DEFDMACRO to define default WITH-TIMEOUT.
2009-01-10 Stelian IonescuAdd INITIAL-BINDINGS keyword argument to MAKE-THREAD.
2009-01-10 Stelian IonescuRemove *break-on-signals* and *random-state* from threa...
2008-12-28 Stelian IonescuMove definition of BINDING-DEFAULT-SPECIALS after that...
2008-12-28 Stelian IonescuAdd an IGNORABLE declaration in WITH-TIMEOUT.
2008-12-28 Stelian IonescuWhitespace changes and add modeline that inhibits inden...
2008-12-28 Stelian IonescuChange *default-special-bindings* to adhere to the...
2008-12-28 Stelian IonescuAdd default initialization forms for *default-special...
2008-12-28 Stephen CompallChange *default-special-bindings* semantics and impleme...
2008-12-28 Stephen CompallUpdate use of DEFTESTSUITE to latest LIFT.
2008-10-26 Douglas CrosherAdd Scieneer Common Lisp support.
2008-07-26 Greg PfeilFix broken MAKE-THREAD for CMUCL. (from Hans Huebner) version-0_5_1
2008-07-26 Greg Pfeilincremented version
2008-07-26 Greg PfeilOnly expand default function/macro when there is no...
2008-07-26 Greg PfeilShadowed WITH-TIMEOUT, now that it's exported by LIFT.
2008-06-02 Greg Pfeilincremented version version-0_5 version-0_5_0
2008-06-02 Greg PfeilRenamed THREAD-JOIN to JOIN-THREAD (which is the symbol...
2008-04-08 Stelian IonescuSpecify in index.html that bordeaux-threads more or...
2008-04-04 Stelian IonescuAdd THREAD-JOIN interface and the implementation for...
2007-12-16 Greg Pfeilupdated version number
2007-12-13 Stelian IonescuRemove INLINE declarations. version-0_4 version-0_4_0
2007-12-13 Stelian IonescuExport symbol TIMEOUT.
2007-12-13 Stelian IonescuAdd a forgotten bacquote
2007-12-12 Greg Pfeilupdated version number
2007-12-13 Stelian IonescuAdd WITH-TIMEOUT: native on SBCL, CMUCL and Allegro...
2007-12-13 Stelian IonescuAdd THREAD-SUPPORT feature when the host implementation...
2007-12-12 Greg PfeilFinished conversion from methods to functions with... version-0_3 version-0_3_0
2007-12-12 Greg PfeilAdded FIXME for missing functionality in ECL (Stelian...
2007-12-12 Greg PfeilAdded threads check for ECL (Stelian Ionescu <sionescu...
2007-12-09 Greg PfeilCentralized loading and checking of impl-specific threa...
2007-12-09 Greg PfeilMinor formatting change to copyright message (Stelian...
2007-11-26 Greg Pfeilupdated version version-0_2_2
2007-11-26 Greg PfeilChanged make-mp-support-error calls to make-threading...
2007-11-26 Greg PfeilUpdated version version-0_2_1
2007-11-26 Greg PfeilResolved conflicts.
2007-11-26 Greg PfeilShuffled around definitions to eliminate redefinition...
2007-11-26 Greg PfeilFixed a typo in mcl.lisp
2007-10-21 Greg PfeilImproved handling of unthreaded SBCL. version-0_2 version-0_2_0
2007-10-21 Greg PfeilAdded contributor list. version-0_1_4
2007-10-21 Greg PfeilFixed CMU implementation, based on patch submitted... version-0_1_3
2007-10-17 Greg PfeilUpdated the version number to the _correct_ version.
2007-10-17 Greg Pfeilupdated the version number
2007-10-16 Greg PfeilAdded documentation to THREAD-ALIVE-P. version-0 version-0_1 version-0_1_2
2007-10-16 Greg PfeilChanged BORDEAUX-MP to BORDEAUX-THREADS in documentation. version-0_1_1
2007-10-16 Greg PfeilAdded THREAD-ALIVE-P version-0_1_0
2007-10-16 Greg PfeilCorrected name of method from destroy-process to destro... version-0_0_2
2007-10-16 Greg PfeilAdded location of Armed Bear threading implementation.
2007-04-10 Greg PfeilIncremented version for copyright addition. 0_0_2
2007-04-10 Greg PfeilAdded license file.
2007-03-31 Pierre ThierryCopyright and license notices
2006-08-23 Attila LendvaiMake it usable on non-threaded lisps like clisp
2006-06-16 Greg Pfeiltested on SBCL-0.9.13 on Linux/x86
2006-06-15 Greg PfeilRemoved SBCL 0.9.11 row, since it's now old and hasn...
2006-06-15 Greg PfeilManually tested ABCL, and made some changes to fix it.
2006-06-15 Greg PfeilTested on Allegro-8.0-Darwin/PPC
2006-06-15 Greg PfeilChanged platform support to a matrix and added Allegro...
2006-06-15 Greg PfeilAdd negative test case for threadp
2006-06-15 Greg Pfeilfixed defpackage form, :nickname -> :nicknames
2006-06-08 Greg PfeilImproved ArmedBear support.
2006-06-08 Greg PfeilAdded download information.
2006-06-08 Greg PfeilManually ran tests on ECL darwin/ppc to get results.
2006-06-08 Greg PfeilAdded a couple more ENSUREs to the tests.
2006-06-08 Greg PfeilFixes for LispWorks. It now passes all tests.
2006-06-08 Greg Pfeilmore detailed test results.
2006-06-06 Greg PfeilAdded link to docs, and table rows for Darwin/x86 results.
2006-06-06 Greg PfeilInitial version of bordeaux-threads.