Added threads check for ECL (Stelian Ionescu <>)
[bordeaux-threads:bordeaux-threads.git] / bordeaux-threads.asd
2007-12-12 Greg PfeilAdded threads check for ECL (Stelian Ionescu <sionescu...
2007-12-09 Greg PfeilCentralized loading and checking of impl-specific threa...
2007-11-26 Greg Pfeilupdated version version-0_2_2
2007-11-26 Greg PfeilUpdated version version-0_2_1
2007-11-26 Greg PfeilShuffled around definitions to eliminate redefinition...
2007-10-21 Greg PfeilImproved handling of unthreaded SBCL. version-0_2 version-0_2_0
2007-10-21 Greg PfeilAdded contributor list. version-0_1_4
2007-10-17 Greg PfeilUpdated the version number to the _correct_ version.
2007-10-17 Greg Pfeilupdated the version number
2007-04-10 Greg PfeilIncremented version for copyright addition. 0_0_2
2007-03-31 Pierre ThierryCopyright and license notices
2006-06-15 Greg PfeilManually tested ABCL, and made some changes to fix it.
2006-06-06 Greg PfeilInitial version of bordeaux-threads.