last changeFri, 8 Oct 2010 14:06:32 +0000 (15:06 +0100)
2010-10-08 Pete GoodliffeMore gitignorifiaction. master
2010-10-08 Pete GoodliffeAdded further runes for boost to use pthreads.
2010-10-08 Pete GoodliffeAdded standard boost tarball
2010-10-02 Pete GoodliffeAdded test harness for boost usage. Just fires a signal...
2010-09-30 Pete GoodliffeAdded extra thread safety shenanigans required to make...
2010-09-30 Pete GoodliffeDiagnostics in the cleany cleany function
2010-09-29 Pete GoodliffeMoved the user-config.jam cobblers out of root and...
2010-09-29 Pete GoodliffeTidying up cruft in the shell script
2010-09-29 Pete GoodliffeMore awful shenanigans to make the framework work.
2010-09-29 Pete GoodliffeText project links to boost relatively
2010-09-29 Pete GoodliffeAdded function to clean everything on startup
2010-09-29 Pete GoodliffeAdded more dirs to gitignore.
2010-09-29 Pete GoodliffeUpdated the build script to construct Boost 1.44.0
2010-02-16 Pete GoodliffeRemoved hard-coded reference to the 3.0 SDK, replaced...
2009-12-10 Pete GoodliffeRemoved some diagnostic printouts.
2009-12-10 Pete GoodliffeAdded a README
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