2008-04-12 grafikCleanup release tags. Boost_1_18_2
2008-04-12 grafikCleanup release tags.
2000-11-03 (no author)This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
2000-11-03 beman_dawes1.18.2 final
2000-11-03 beman_dawesHTML change for 1.18.2 reflecting separation of old...
2000-11-03 jsiekfixed Const_BinaryPredicate_concept for borland
2000-11-03 beman_dawes1.18.2 preparation; /c for VC++
2000-11-03 david_abrahams Worked around MSVC optimizer bug by writing to_pyth...
2000-11-03 david_abrahamsno message
2000-11-03 david_abrahams Worked around MSVC optimizer bug by writing to_pyth...
2000-11-03 david_abrahams Add proof-of-concept for one technique of wrapping...
2000-11-03 david_abrahams Fix friend function instantiation bug caught by...
2000-11-03 david_abrahams*** empty log message ***
2000-11-03 david_abrahamsAdd /Zm200 option to vc6_prj to deal with MSVC resource...
2000-11-03 jsiekCodewarrior 6.0 port
2000-11-03 jsiekport to Codewarrior 6.0
2000-11-03 beman_dawesAdd Gary Powell Bio
2000-11-02 david_abrahamsUpdate link to .zip for new release
2000-11-02 david_abrahamsAdd missing std:: qualifications
2000-11-02 david_abrahamsAdded:
2000-11-02 david_abrahamsAdd a regression test for const double& parameters
2000-11-02 david_abrahams*** empty log message ***
2000-11-02 beman_dawesIntegrate header dependency table into web site
2000-11-02 ullrich_koethe*** empty log message ***
2000-11-02 jsiekadded base() function
2000-11-02 david_abrahamsGlobal replace of || with | and && with & in constant...
2000-11-01 david_abrahamsInitial Checkin
2000-11-01 david_abrahamsRemove extra ';' thanks to "Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve...
2000-11-01 jsiekadded a couple utility functions
2000-11-01 jsiekmore edits
2000-11-01 jsiekchanges to the handling of bool return types
2000-11-01 david_abrahamsconst-ify ClassBase::getattr()
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsRegression test for a reference-counting bug thanks...
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsAdd a regression test for a reference-counting bug...
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsReference-counting bug fix, thanks to Mark Evans <mark...
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsinitial checkin
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsInitial checkin
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsAddress STL compatibility claims of CXX
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsFix bug in example
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsKill extra line at end
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsImprove explanation of overload resolution
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsFix bug in example
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsCorrect promises about working with Pro6.
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsRemove __del__ caveats as they no longer apply.
2000-10-31 david_abrahams*** empty log message ***
2000-10-31 david_abrahamsUpdate links
2000-10-31 jsieknew file
2000-10-31 jsiekvc++ fixes
2000-10-31 jsiekfixed regression due to change in get_property(), neede...
2000-10-31 jsiekfixed regression due to change in detail/adjacency_list.hpp
2000-10-30 jsiekmake in_edges() work for undirected graphs
2000-10-30 david_abrahamsSuppress unused argument warning
2000-10-30 jsiekadded incident_on
2000-10-30 jsieksome work on out-edge list ordering
2000-10-30 beman_dawesRefine formal review procedures
2000-10-29 beman_dawesInitial version
2000-10-29 jsieknew examples
2000-10-29 jsiekremoved cruft
2000-10-29 jsiekedits
2000-10-29 jsieklots off additions to docs and archetype stuff
2000-10-29 jsieknew file, based on the C++ standard, not SGI STL's...
2000-10-29 jsiekfixed Assignable in concept_checks.hpp and changed...
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsformatting fixes
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsbug fix
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsEnable multiple-inheritance from Python Classes and...
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsBug fix
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsUse Runtime DLL instead of statically linking
2000-10-28 david_abrahams*** empty log message ***
2000-10-28 david_abrahamstests for special attributes __del__, __doc__, and...
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsFactor common Class functionality into ClassBase
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsSupport for __del__, __dict__, __name__, __class__
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsminor cleanup
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsOverloaded constructors reduce the number of type_info...
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsHandle non-const reference parameters to constructors.
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsHandle non-const reference parameters in constructors
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsFactorization
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsAdd missing const qualifier
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsadd missing const qualifier.
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsAdd getattr forwarding to BoundFunction so docstrings...
2000-10-28 beman_dawesReorganize former "utilities" into separate libraries...
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsHandle __doc__ attributes by forwarding all attribute...
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsTest that we can now pass non-const reference parameter...
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsHandle non-const reference arguments to constructors
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsenable_named_method moved to detail
2000-10-28 david_abrahamsChange single-argument def to a template member functio...
2000-10-28 johnmaddockadded BeOS5 support to test script (not finished yet...
2000-10-27 david_abrahamsFix for fixed_numeric_limits<>::min() in the BOOST_NO_L...
2000-10-27 david_abrahamsFix is_reference for MSVC6.4
2000-10-26 david_abrahamsno message
2000-10-26 jsiekchanged reference type
2000-10-24 johnmaddockcompiler specific fixes (mostly MWCW)
2000-10-21 david_abrahamsA partial Pro6 fix (Pro6 is missing the message facet...
2000-10-21 johnmaddockregex regression test fixes
2000-10-20 jsiekadded documentation for edge_range
2000-10-20 jsiekfixed bug in edge_range()
2000-10-20 jsiekbunch of changes related to erasing edges
2000-10-20 jsiekadded ability to sort out edges
2000-10-20 jsieknew files, added ability to sort out edges
2000-10-20 jsieknew file
2000-10-20 jsieknew file