2009-10-30 troy d. straszheimBackport lots of new features from the 1.41.0 branch.
2009-10-26 troy d. straszheimMore docs and tweaks. Got screwed by autolinking on...
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimFix for testing under cmake on windows, feh.
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimmore visual studio notes
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimmore quickstart stuff, how to delete your cache. 1.40.0.cmake3
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimfix pdf doc title
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimbreak this out into examples/doc, the example target...
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimnotes for version 1.40.0.cmake3 and a bit more docs
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimclean up maintainer targets
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimuse generated makefile containing boost release number
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimmaintainer mode, BUILD_PROJECTS variable, docs
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimMore docs.
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimimprove .gitignore
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheim- Add BOOST_INSTALL_LIB_SUBDIR_NAME
2009-10-25 troy d. straszheimPatch from Ingmar Vanhassel: install libs to lib${LIB_S...
2009-10-16 troy d. straszheimDocumentation cleanups, disable 'modularize' for safety 1.40.0.cmake2
2009-10-16 troy d. straszheimDocumentation cleanups, disable 'modularize' for safety
2009-10-10 troy d. straszheimrelease notes for 1.40.0.cmake1 1.40.0.cmake1
2009-10-10 troy d. straszheimFix for wave/intel, thanks to Justin Holewinski for...
2009-10-10 troy d. straszheimTypo fix for intel on win/mac, another thanks to Justin...
2009-10-09 troy d. straszheimFixes for cmake 2.8: disable the modularize stuff more...
2009-10-08 troy d. straszheimFix for mpi
2009-10-08 troy d. straszheimFix for intel on windows and mac, thanks to Philip...
2009-09-16 troy d. straszheimPatches per Claudio Bley... thanks Claudio 1.40.0.cmake0
2009-09-07 troy d. straszheimgenerated docs for cmake
2009-09-07 troy d. straszheimboost-cmake docs
2009-09-07 troy d. straszheimBUILD_REGRESSION_TESTS merged with BUILD_TESTING
2009-09-07 troy d. straszheimFix
2009-09-07 troy d. straszheimfix broken test
2009-09-06 troy d. straszheimgitignore and a tweak for testing
2009-08-27 bemandawesRelease 1.40.0 Boost_1_40_0
2009-08-24 johnmaddockFix up logic and date_time Jamfiles so they build neede...
2009-08-24 agurtovoyMPL: merge test for #2042/#3298 from the trunk (thanks...
2009-08-24 agurtovoyMPL: merge fix for #2042/#3298 from the trunk (thanks...
2009-08-23 rwgkboost/python/object_operators.hpp: merging trunk rev...
2009-08-23 vladimir_prusMerge: Use right name of PDB file, even if tag rule...
2009-08-23 vladimir_prusMerge: Emit clear error when using --layout=system...
2009-08-23 vladimir_prusMerge: Don't add leading slash to every path.
2009-08-22 eric_nieblerMerged revisions 55718 via svnmerge from
2009-08-21 johnmaddockChange <section> to <chapter> so we get valid XML in...
2009-08-21 johnmaddockAdd signals2 to the PDF docs built.
2009-08-21 vladimir_prusMerge: Force shared runtime if using ICU.
2009-08-21 vladimir_prusMerge: Fix type in 'user-config.jam' in diagnostic...
2009-08-20 bemandawesMerge from trunk per Doug
2009-08-20 agurtovoyMPL: merge fix for #3337 from the trunk (thanks Steven!)
2009-08-19 chris_kohlhoffMerged documentation changes from trunk:
2009-08-19 chris_kohlhoffMerged revision 55500 from trunk:
2009-08-19 eric_nieblerMerged revisions 55656 via svnmerge from
2009-08-18 agurtovoyMerge boost/mpl fixes from the trunk
2009-08-18 agurtovoyMerge libs/mpl from the trunk
2009-08-18 rwgkpython library: sync with trunk to adopt recent exec...
2009-08-17 rwgkboost/python, libs/python: all changes from trunk merge...
2009-08-13 rameyUpdated release notes to include information of modifie...
2009-08-13 igaztanagaminor typo
2009-08-11 igaztanagaFreeBSD 8 fixes
2009-08-11 igaztanagaRemove signed/unsigned warning
2009-08-11 igaztanagalseek is undefined with shared memory descriptors,...
2009-08-10 jewillcoFixed missing headers (merged over from trunk)
2009-08-10 jewillcoCopied over fixed docs from trunk
2009-08-10 troyerMoved last unmerged changes for MPI in Boost 1.40
2009-08-09 bemandawesMerge from trunk
2009-08-09 eric_nieblermerged various things from main
2009-08-09 daniel_freyAdded myself as maintainer for operators
2009-08-09 daniel_freyMerged 52463
2009-08-09 igaztanagaFixed deadlock problem
2009-08-08 pdimovMerge [51909], [51912], [52937], [53672] to release.
2009-08-08 pdimovMerge [54385] to release.
2009-08-08 hkaiserWave: merged most urgent patches from trunk
2009-08-08 bemandawesmerge from trunk
2009-08-08 jewillcoMerged in changes from trunk
2009-08-06 troyerFixed trac issue 3261
2009-08-06 troyerMoved Boost.MPI from trunk to release to make it compil...
2009-08-03 jewillcoAdded graph_parallel to test list
2009-08-03 jewillcoMerged over BGL changes from trunk
2009-08-03 johnmaddockMerge updates from Trunk.
2009-08-02 jewillcoMerged r55265, r55266, r55355, and r55356 from trunk...
2009-08-02 jewillcoMerged in r55353 from trunk
2009-08-01 rameyMerge trunk to release
2009-08-01 rameyMerge trunk to release
2009-08-01 rameyMerge trunk to release
2009-08-01 vladimir_prusDisable echo right away.
2009-08-01 vladimir_prusMerge: Markup build/timedata failure on windows.
2009-08-01 vladimir_prusMerge testsuite fixes
2009-07-30 danieljamesDocument pre-requisites for ``. Fixes...
2009-07-29 johnmaddockUpdate version number.
2009-07-29 jano_gasparcircular_buffer: #3285
2009-07-29 jewillcoMerged r55247 from trunk
2009-07-29 jewillcoMerged r55245 from trunk
2009-07-28 steven_watanabeUpdate svn:mergeinfo for Units.
2009-07-28 steven_watanabeMerge [54594], [54873], [55097], [55140], and [55151...
2009-07-28 vladimir_prusMerge revision 55220
2009-07-27 danieljamesMerge an unordered documentation change that I missed...
2009-07-27 eric_nieblerMerged revisions 55146 via svnmerge from
2009-07-27 fmhessUpdated mergeinfo.
2009-07-27 fmhessMerged from trunk.
2009-07-27 vladimir_prusMerge test fix
2009-07-27 vladimir_prusMerge from trunk
2009-07-27 vladimir_prusInit mergeinfo
2009-07-27 vladimir_prusInit mergeinfo
2009-07-27 vladimir_prusMark things as merged