last changeWed, 11 Mar 2015 10:21:00 +0000 (12:21 +0200)
2015-03-11 Luiz Augusto... unit/test-gatt: Check if crypto is enabled master
2015-03-11 Luiz Augusto... shared/att: Add bt_att_has_crypto
2015-03-11 Luiz Augusto... shared/tester: Fix teardown multiple times
2015-03-11 Luiz Augusto... shared/tester: Add tester_test_abort
2015-03-11 Johan Hedbergcore: Add mapping from 'Already Paired' status to D...
2015-03-11 Johan Hedberglib/mgmt: Add define for 'Already Paired' status
2015-03-10 Johan Hedberglib/mgmt: Add 'Already Paired' error decoding
2015-03-10 Johan Hedbergdoc/mgmt-api: Add missing new error codes
2015-03-10 Marcel Holtmanndoc: Mention the upcoming version 1.9 of management...
2015-03-10 Johan Hedbergdoc/test-coverage: Update mgmt-tester test count
2015-03-10 Johan Hedbergtools/mgmt-tester: Add new Fast Connectable tests
2015-03-10 Johan Hedbergcore: Mention FastConnectable kernel requirement in...
2015-03-10 Johan Hedbergcore: Minor whitespace cleanup
2015-03-10 Johan Hedbergcore: Add FastConnectable main.conf setting
2015-03-10 Johan Hedbergdoc/mgmt-api: Make Fast Connectable available while...
2015-03-10 Johan Hedbergcore/gatt-database: Fix passing valid type to dbus_mess...
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