plugins: Add initial code for diagnosis plugin
[bluez:vudentzs-clone.git] / TODO
2013-01-31 Johan HedbergTODO: Remove completed passive scanning entry
2013-01-31 Johan HedbergTODO: Add item for improving stopping passive scanning
2012-12-21 Johan HedbergTODO: Remove BlueZ 5 section as all items are already...
2012-12-17 Frédéric DanisTODO: Mark convert storage to ini-file item as done
2012-12-17 Johan HedbergTODO: Add completed AgentManager item not to forget...
2012-12-17 Luiz Augusto von... TODO: Mark Convert obexd & obex-client to ObjectManager...
2012-12-14 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark libbluetooth installation item as done
2012-12-14 Johan HedbergTODO: All internal plugins have been converted to stand...
2012-12-14 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark profile->connect/auto_connect item as done
2012-12-14 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark ConnectProfile item as done
2012-12-13 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark powered state storing item as done
2012-12-13 Johan HedbergTODO: Update Session/ModeChange item
2012-12-13 Johan HedbergTODO: Update DiscoverServices item status
2012-12-12 Johan HedbergTODO: Update obexd & service plugin status
2012-12-12 Johan HedbergTODO: Add a couple more BlueZ 5 items
2012-12-12 Johan HedbergTODO: Add a couple of more items for BlueZ 5
2012-12-11 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark profile auto-connection upon registration...
2012-12-11 Johan HedbergTODO: Update Device.Connect item status
2012-12-11 Johan HedbergTODO: Update profile connection tracking item
2012-12-10 Johan HedbergTODO: All deprecated APIs are already gone
2012-12-06 Johan HedbergTODO: Update to current status
2012-12-04 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark just-works agent callback as done
2012-11-21 Luiz Augusto von... TODO: Add entry about built-in profiles connection...
2012-11-14 Johan HedbergTODO: Split completed BlueZ 5 items into a separate...
2012-11-13 Johan HedbergTODO: Update with current status
2012-11-13 Anderson LizardoTODO: Trivial typo fixes
2012-11-13 Anderson LizardoTODO: Add entry for runtime selection of drivers
2012-11-09 Marcel HoltmannTODO: Remove entry for Profile Manager interface change
2012-11-09 Johan HedbergTODO: Update BlueZ 5 section to match current status
2012-10-25 Frédéric DanisTODO: Add entry to remove storage convertion function
2012-10-15 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark CreateDevice/CreatePairedDevice removal...
2012-08-31 Johan HedbergTODO: Add entry for converting storage format for BlueZ 5
2012-08-27 Johan HedbergTODO: Add a few more items for BlueZ 5
2012-07-20 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark fast connectable issue as resolved
2012-07-19 Johan HedbergTODO: properties & object manager are back on track...
2012-07-10 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark plugin removals as done
2012-07-10 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark mgmtops move as done
2012-07-09 Johan HedbergTODO: Add missing BlueZ 5 items
2012-07-09 Johan HedbergTODO: fdo object & properties interfaces are for BlueZ 6
2012-07-02 Johan HedbergTODO: Mark legacy audio IPC removal as done
2012-06-28 Johan HedbergTODO: Add not about fast connectable
2012-06-27 Johan HedbergTODO: Add/cleanup BlueZ 5 items
2012-06-27 Gustavo PadovanTODO: add BlueZ 5 tasks
2012-01-31 Johan HedbergTODO: Remove already implemented mgmt features
2011-04-14 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add hard-coded PSM for GATT over basic rate
2011-04-14 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Remove item related to GATT service over basic...
2011-03-30 Johan HedbergRemove mgmt EIR generation fro TODO
2011-03-24 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add item related to authorization and authentication
2011-03-18 Andre GuedesTODO: set owner of 'Whitelist support' task
2011-03-18 Bruna MoreiraTODO: remove 'fix MTU exchange' task
2011-03-17 Anderson LizardoTODO: set owner of 'Define attribute server API' task
2011-03-17 Elvis PfützenreuterUpdate TODO regarding bt_uuid_* functions
2011-03-15 Johan HedbergAdd attrib server refactoring task to TODO
2011-03-15 Johan HedbergAdd LE whitelist support to the TODO
2011-03-15 Johan Hedbergmgmt: Implement adapter name control
2011-03-01 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Fix GATT over BR/EDR
2011-03-01 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add item to implement device type in the DeviceFo...
2011-03-01 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add item related to UUID handling
2011-03-01 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Remove item related to Client Characteristic...
2011-03-01 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Remove item related to ATT transation timeouts
2011-02-25 Johan HedbergAdd missing items for the Management interface to TODO
2011-02-24 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add item related to ATT PDU decoding issue
2011-02-23 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add item to support characteristic authorization...
2011-02-23 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add item for reconnection address
2011-02-23 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add item for static random address
2011-02-23 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Change item related to read/write long characteristic
2011-02-23 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Remove interactive gatttool item
2011-02-23 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add item for privacy feature in the central
2011-02-23 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Changed item related to ATT parsing for hcidump
2011-01-05 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Start Discover All Primary Services after SDP...
2011-01-05 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Refactoring of gatt.c functions
2011-01-05 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Rename glib-helper file to a more convenient...
2011-01-05 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Remove characteristic discovery for non connectab...
2011-01-05 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Setup advertising parameters and data
2010-12-07 Claudio TakahasiRemove fixed item from TODO
2010-12-07 Bruna MoreiraCheck attribute permissions in attribute server
2010-11-18 Sheldon DemarioAdding a new option to specify security level for gatttool
2010-10-19 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Define Auto Connection Establishment Procedure
2010-10-19 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Advertising management
2010-10-19 Claudio TakahasiTODO: ATT protocol transactions timeout
2010-10-15 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Define attribute server API
2010-10-15 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Avoid Characteristic discovery for non connectabl...
2010-10-13 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Device Name Characteristic for Low Energy
2010-10-13 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Implement Server Characteristic Configuration
2010-10-13 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Implement Client Characteristic Configuration
2010-10-13 Claudio TakahasiDisable automatic notification/indication in the attrib...
2010-10-09 Luiz Augusto von... Sort TODO by priority
2010-10-06 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Attribute server should process queued commands...
2010-10-06 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Export Client Characteristic Configuration as...
2010-10-06 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add attribute permission verification for attribu...
2010-10-06 Johan HedbergAdd gatttool interactive mode to TODO
2010-10-06 Johan HedbergUpdate gatttol delayed exit TODO item
2010-10-06 Johan HedbergAdd GATT server items to TODO
2010-10-05 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Automatic server indication/notification owner
2010-10-05 Claudio TakahasiAdd PSM option for GATT/ATT over BR/EDR on gatttool
2010-10-05 Johan HedbergUse consistent wording for medium priority
2010-10-05 Johan HedbergAdd TODO file to track pending issues