last changeFri, 12 Sep 2008 19:20:25 +0000 (21:20 +0200)
2008-09-12 Marcel HoltmannUse cached adapter name instead of reading it from... master
2008-09-12 Alok BarsodeRenaming str2mode to get_mode which takes bdaddr_t...
2008-09-12 Alok BarsodeStoring device address as bdaddr_t instead of string.
2008-09-12 Alok BarsodeStoring adapter address as bdaddr_t instead of string.
2008-09-12 Alok BarsodeModifying l2raw_connect to take bdaddr_t as parameter.
2008-09-12 Alok BarsodeRenaming device_read_bdaddr to adapter_read_bdaddr.
2008-09-12 Marcel HoltmannRelease 4.5
2008-09-12 Marcel HoltmannDon't print error when device is down
2008-09-12 Marcel HoltmannSend command to read the default link policy
2008-09-12 Marcel HoltmannSet default link policy after the page timeout
2008-09-11 Marcel HoltmannWrite the default link policy to ensure it is set
2008-09-11 Marcel HoltmannWhen re-reading the device address store it properly
2008-09-11 Marcel HoltmannAdd debug message for adapters without an address
2008-09-11 Marcel HoltmannMerge branch 'for-upstream' of git://
2008-09-11 Marcel HoltmannDon't fork for device configuration
2008-09-11 Luiz Augusto... Fix segfault on agent_is_busy.
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