2010-10-21 Jose Antonio... Set ERTM mode by default for data channel new_mcap_plugin
2010-10-21 Jose Antonio... Coding style
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Enable modes for l2cap sockets
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Provide support in test script to set MCL unavailable
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Fix problem with PTS and unavailable state
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Enable support to set the MCLs to unavailable using...
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Add support to set MCL unavailable
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Add PTS mac to tests
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Remove mode for l2cap socket
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Adapt MCAP test plugin to new MCAP API
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Add new MAC
2010-10-21 Jose Antonio... Add mcap dbus plugin and test for pts
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Add new status property to HealthChannels
2010-10-21 Jose Antonio... Check if the channel mode is correct when opening data...
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Change data channel mode for incoming connections
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Enable support to change mode for incoming data channel...
2010-10-21 Jose Antonio... Delete data channels when their device is removed.
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Close the data channel if remote side changes the confi...
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Check l2cap configuration when data channels are connected
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Fix segmentation fault freeing uninitialized pointers
2010-10-21 Jose Antonio... Emit a valid path when main channel is deleted
2010-10-21 Jose Antonio... Notify main channel when it is locally opened
2010-10-21 Santiago Carot... Remove obsolete comment from MCAP
2010-10-21 Jose Antonio... Modify test-health script to make it more interactive
2010-10-21 Jose Antonio... Receive an string instead of an integer for ChannelType
2010-10-20 Balamurugan... Fix hidd to use ServiceName attribute for device name
2010-10-20 Daniel Orstadiusaudio/device.h: use lower case in profile UUIDs
2010-10-19 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Define Auto Connection Establishment Procedure
2010-10-19 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Advertising management
2010-10-19 Claudio TakahasiTODO: ATT protocol transactions timeout
2010-10-19 Lukasz PawlikFix problem with handling CHLD=0 command
2010-10-19 Balamurugan... Fix accessing freed memory
2010-10-18 Santiago Carot... Get mode option for L2CAP sockets
2010-10-18 Gustavo F.... Fix linkage failure for bluetoothd
2010-10-15 Claudio TakahasiAdd INdT developers in AUTHORS
2010-10-15 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Define attribute server API
2010-10-15 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Avoid Characteristic discovery for non connectabl...
2010-10-15 Marcel HoltmannRelease 4.76
2010-10-15 Johan HedbergSet initial HFP/HSP mic and speaker gain values to...
2010-10-15 Gustavo F.... Update Gustavo's email in AUTHORS
2010-10-14 Lukasz RymanowskiUnref pending call in fallback scenario.
2010-10-14 Santiago Carot... Remove unnecessary function
2010-10-14 Santiago Carot... Remove MDL when delete operation fails with INVALID_MDL...
2010-10-14 Santiago Carot... Abort echo channel if connection was not successful
2010-10-14 Jose Antonio... Add initial support for deleting an echo channel
2010-10-14 Santiago Carot... Add timeout to wait for echo reply
2010-10-14 Jose Antonio... Separate private echo data from data channels
2010-10-14 Jose Antonio... Notify channel deletion correctly
2010-10-14 Jose Antonio... Create a function for closing mcl correctly
2010-10-14 Santiago Carot... Check echo response
2010-10-14 Santiago Carot... Set watcher to check echo response
2010-10-14 Jose Antonio... Generate random echo packet
2010-10-14 Jose Antonio... Initial steps to send echo data
2010-10-14 Santiago Carot... Remove unnecessary variable
2010-10-14 Jose Antonio... Connect echo channel
2010-10-14 Santiago Carot... Add support to initiate echo
2010-10-13 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Device Name Characteristic for Low Energy
2010-10-13 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Implement Server Characteristic Configuration
2010-10-13 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Implement Client Characteristic Configuration
2010-10-13 Claudio TakahasiDisable automatic notification/indication in the attrib...
2010-10-13 Lukasz PawlikFix problem with operator name length
2010-10-13 Jose Antonio... Some code cleanup in hdp
2010-10-13 Rafal MichalskiAdjust mce_bt_set flag to gboolean type values
2010-10-13 Daniel OrstadiusFix telephony-maemo6: call notification with call on...
2010-10-13 Luiz Augusto... gdbus: fix not handling bus disconnects
2010-10-13 Lukasz PawlikFix problem with hanging up held call
2010-10-12 Santiago Carot... Check first reliable configuration during channel creation
2010-10-12 Santiago Carot... Delete all channels when the instance is removed
2010-10-12 Jose Antonio... Implement callback for responding echo petitions
2010-10-12 Santiago Carot... Add extra checks for avoid notifiying incoming echo...
2010-10-12 Jose Antonio... Return MCAP_MDL_BUSY when health channel can't be created
2010-10-12 Jose Antonio... Fix multiple emission of main channel property signal.
2010-10-12 Santiago Carot... Correctly notify the deletion of the reliable data...
2010-10-12 Jose Antonio... Incoming connection in control channel should be ERTM
2010-10-12 Santiago Carot... Process request of of echo channels creation
2010-10-12 Santiago Carot... Add a new function to create channels
2010-10-12 Jose Antonio... Remove unnecessary app parameter from hdp_establish_mcl
2010-10-12 Jose Antonio... Remove mdl_conn from struct hdp_channel
2010-10-11 Luiz Augusto... Remove unused code
2010-10-11 Luiz Augusto... Fix blocking when calling endpoint on hsp/hfp connection
2010-10-11 Luiz Augusto... Fix blocking on setconf indication callback
2010-10-11 Luiz Augusto... Fix blocking on setconf confirmation callback
2010-10-11 Luiz Augusto... Make use of avdtp category when setting errors
2010-10-11 Luiz Augusto... Add source if the device attempt to configure a stream...
2010-10-11 Luiz Augusto... Fix not replying an error in case of endpoint request...
2010-10-11 Luiz Augusto... Fix not always signalling new streams when acting as...
2010-10-10 Johan HedbergMove remote name and version requests to hciops
2010-10-10 Johan HedbergAdd struct for hciops per-adapter data
2010-10-09 Anderson LizardoAdd support for Attribute Write Request
2010-10-09 Luiz Augusto... Sort TODO by priority
2010-10-09 Lukasz PawlikFix problem with invalid read from array
2010-10-06 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Attribute server should process queued commands...
2010-10-06 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Export Client Characteristic Configuration as...
2010-10-06 Claudio TakahasiChange Battery Service on attribute sample server
2010-10-06 Claudio TakahasiTODO: Add attribute permission verification for attribu...
2010-10-06 Johan HedbergCreate a global HCI socket array in hciops
2010-10-06 Marcel HoltmannEnable host support for BR/EDR and LE if controller...
2010-10-06 Johan HedbergFix audio.conf access when it isn't present
2010-10-06 Marcel HoltmannFix the screwup
2010-10-06 Johan HedbergAdd initial Bluetooth Management API doc