2010-11-30 Marcel HoltmannRelease 4.81 master
2010-11-30 Luiz Augusto... Fix not canceling pending calls on maemo6 telephony...
2010-11-30 Luiz Augusto... Use specific members in D-Bus match rules on telephony...
2010-11-30 Luiz Augusto... Fix interface name of modem states on maemo6 telephony...
2010-11-30 Daniel OrstadiusInitialize adapter services list
2010-11-29 Sheldon DemarioEmit Connect signal for LE capable devices
2010-11-29 Sheldon DemarioAttrib server should truncate attribute value to pdu...
2010-11-29 Claudio TakahasiDon't trigger the discovering when registering the...
2010-11-29 Claudio TakahasiFix memory leak of sdp list in the attribute client
2010-11-29 Claudio TakahasiReturn a D-Bus error if device_browse fails
2010-11-29 Claudio TakahasiCheck the device type when creating the device
2010-11-29 Claudio TakahasiImplement primary service search when creating a device
2010-11-29 Claudio TakahasiRemoved unused define
2010-11-29 Claudio Takahasihcid header cleanup
2010-11-28 Johan HedbergRemove unused scan_mode variable
2010-11-28 Johan HedbergUse existing bit functions from hci.h
2010-11-28 Johan HedbergRemove unused includes
2010-11-28 Johan HedbergRemove unused define
2010-11-27 Johan HedbergUse address instead of object path in device logs
2010-11-27 Johan HedbergImprove hciops logging
2010-11-27 Johan HedbergImprove agent PIN length error log
2010-11-27 Johan HedbergUse hci_send_cmd instead of hci_send_req for authentication
2010-11-25 Rafal MichalskiFix crash after simultaneous authentication requests
2010-11-25 Claudio Takahasisdpd header cleanup
2010-11-25 Luiz Augusto... Fix telephony maemo6 driver deinitialization
2010-11-25 Luiz Augusto... Fix telephony dummy driver
2010-11-25 Luiz Augusto... Fix not deinitializing telephony driver when there...
2010-11-25 Sheldon DemarioExtend discover characteristic by UUID in gatttool...
2010-11-23 Suraj Sumangalahciattach: download configuration at user requested...
2010-11-23 Suraj Sumangalahciattach: make set_speed return error if any operation...
2010-11-23 Wade BrownAdd a runtime option to set the BCSP communication...
2010-11-22 Jose Antonio... Fix typo in adapter documentation
2010-11-22 Jose Antonio... Fix MDL and MCL reference counting in IO watchers
2010-11-22 Santiago Carot... Do not increment mdl reference in reconnections
2010-11-21 Marcel HoltmannRelease 4.80
2010-11-21 Johan HedbergMake LE_LINK define private to hcitool.c for now
2010-11-19 Johan HedbergFix possible race condition when initializing adapters
2010-11-19 Luiz Augusto... Fix not indicating disconnected state when connecting...
2010-11-19 Luiz Augusto... Fix not dropping avdtp session reference when cancellin...
2010-11-19 Luiz Augusto... Fix possible crashes when attempting to connect avdtp
2010-11-19 Luiz Augusto... Add debug logs for state changes on sink
2010-11-19 Luiz Augusto... Fix reference count of a2dp stream setup
2010-11-19 Luiz Augusto... Fix abort not being send when the state is idle
2010-11-19 Luiz Augusto... Fix not removing all timers when user request to discon...
2010-11-19 Luiz Augusto... Cleanup a2dp_cancel code
2010-11-19 Luiz Augusto... Cleanup a2dp setup code
2010-11-19 Johan HedbergFix minor typo
2010-11-19 Anderson LizardoAvoid reallocations of services UUID array
2010-11-19 Anderson LizardoMerge service UUIDs from different BR/EDR EIR data
2010-11-19 Bruna MoreiraExtract flags from advertising data
2010-11-19 Sheldon DemarioImplement Characteristic Value Read using UUID in the...
2010-11-19 Suraj Sumangalahciattach: send hci commands after hci socket bring up
2010-11-18 Claudio TakahasiImplement Discover Primary Service by Service UUID...
2010-11-18 Claudio TakahasiAdd an extra parameter in the discovery primary to...
2010-11-18 Claudio TakahasiExtend bt_string2uuid to convert hex strings to UUID16
2010-11-18 Claudio TakahasiImplement Find by Type Value Request in the atttribute...
2010-11-18 Claudio TakahasiAdd Find By Type Value Response encoding/decoding functions
2010-11-18 Keith MokAdd iwmmxt optimization for sbc for pxa series cpu
2010-11-18 Johan HedbergFix C++ style comment
2010-11-18 Jose Antonio... Check if the mcl insiede the device is correctly set...
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Check if MCAP Instance is already released when a callb...
2010-11-18 Jose Antonio... Fixes to echo
2010-11-18 Jose Antonio... Remove magic number to check ECHO MDEPs in HDP
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Return proper response code if there is an error creati...
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Fix dereference to NULL pointers during data channels...
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Code refactorization in MCAP
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Remove old reference to mcap session in the name of...
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Add reference counter to mcap_mdl
2010-11-18 Jose Antonio... Fix message error
2010-11-18 Jose Antonio... Set reference counter for mcls to gint
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Add reference counter to mcap_instances
2010-11-18 Jose Antonio... Fix typos in mcap
2010-11-18 Jose Antonio... Notify a channel deleted when remote side has already...
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Add missed unrefs for hdp_tmp_dc_data
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Remove MCL's before removing the application
2010-11-18 Jose Antonio... Add reference counter to hdp_channel
2010-11-18 Santiago Carot... Add reference counter to hdp_device
2010-11-18 Jose Antonio... Add reference counter to hdp_application
2010-11-18 Bruna MoreiraImplement Find by Type request encode/decoding
2010-11-18 Bruna MoreiraEmit "DeviceFound" signal for LE devices
2010-11-18 Bruna MoreiraExtract service UUIDs from advertising data
2010-11-18 Bruna MoreiraAdvertising data: extract local name
2010-11-18 Sheldon DemarioAdding a new option to specify security level for gatttool
2010-11-18 Johan Hedberghciops: fix encryption request
2010-11-16 Jose Antonio... Fix typos in adapter documentation
2010-11-15 Bruna MoreiraInitial advertising data parsing implementation
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergFix signedness issue with set_class error checking
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergRemove non-existent function declaration
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergFix local name handling
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergClean up adapter_update_local_name API
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergClean up EIR TX power handling
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergRemove non-existent function declaration
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergGet rid of event.c wrapper for SSP mode read event
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergMove local name reading into hciops
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergMove SSP mode reading into hciops
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergMove SSP mode setting into hciops
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergMove more hciops specific functionality into hciops
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergDon't cache the local name until it's actually used...
2010-11-12 Johan Hedberghciops: wait for read_local_name complete in adapter...
2010-11-12 Johan HedbergRemove misleading error log