2010-08-02 Rafael Fernández... Fix argument on i18n call and make it context-aware. v1.0-rc2
2010-07-31 Alex FiestasApplied patches by George Kiagiadakis, thanks!
2010-07-31 Kishore Jonnalagaddalibbluedevil is built outside the bluedevil sources...
2010-07-29 Alex FiestasForgot to say, d59ef4520cd19ffd6cbeaa1a6d6b6add2102262e...
2010-07-29 Alex FiestasInitialize d->dbusServer to 0 so we can check it in...
2010-07-28 Alex FiestasRemoved BlueZ documentation since we do not know his...
2010-07-28 Alex FiestasWhen the daemon is unloaded, kill bluedevil-monolithic.
2010-07-28 Alex FiestasString change: specify that what is disabled is the...
2010-07-28 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-28 Alex FiestasBe sure that only when accessing to "/" directory the...
2010-07-28 Alex FiestasFix wrong progress bar when copying
2010-07-28 Alex FiestasImprove the compatibility to use more than one kio_obexftp
2010-07-28 Alex FiestasHandle correctly when the session can't be created
2010-07-28 Rafael Fernández... Patch provided by Christoph Feck. Workarounds a KIconLo...
2010-07-28 Rafael Fernández... Do not link against solid or solidcontrol. Forgot to...
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of v1.0-rc1
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasUse a KUrl to build the url instead of doing it manually
2010-07-27 Rafael Fernández... More user friendly s/BlueDevil/Bluetooth/
2010-07-27 Rafael Fernández... Better use the KUrl::host() method
2010-07-27 Rafael Fernández... Listen for name changes on devices
2010-07-27 Rafael Fernández... Add EOL for bluedevil-input and separate list by commas...
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasJust in case
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasAdded a bucle to remove all bluetooth:/ entries, just...
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasUps, this was an clearly an or
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasAdd the / UDSEntry also inthe statMap
2010-07-27 Rafael Fernández... Merge branch 'master' of
2010-07-27 Rafael Fernández... Trust/Untrust is no longer an state, but two actions
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasAlways 2 slashes
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasRedirect to browse files but with host (is the only...
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-27 Rafael Fernández... Fix remaining bugs with sorting
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasThis should not been needed
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasChange the error when trying to copy a dir
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasA few more kDebugs
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasBe sure to work only with prettyUrl (with m_statMap)
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasIf we're trying to copy a directory, emit an error
2010-07-27 Alex FiestasNow we need a host to work, emit error otherwise
2010-07-27 Rafael Fernández... Avoid crashes when service is null
2010-07-26 Rafael Fernández... Merge branch 'master' of
2010-07-26 Rafael Fernández... Update all actions
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasChange the icon depending if the device is trusted...
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasDisable the buttons once clicked, so they're not click...
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasQuit sendfile in all situations
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasMake it work
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasRenamed input to bluedevil-input
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasStandar aboutData
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasAdded kDebug's
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasNow we have a actionplugin which supports more than...
2010-07-26 Alex Fiestasaudio.desktop renamed to bluedevil-audio and added...
2010-07-26 Alex FiestaskDebug + aboutdata fix
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasqDebug -> kDebug
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasAboutData fixed
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasAboutData fixed
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasAdded a bunch of kDebug, to be ready when bugs start...
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasCleanup the page when back
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasqDebug -> kDebug
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasFixed header and aboutData
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasCleanup the page when back
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasMoved and updated the notification
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasAdd a "None option" in the servicepage
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasAdd a constructor to get a ServiceOption without need...
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasOnly call offline when needed (in the destructor)
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasMove the include where it belongs
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasAdd a bluetooth place when onlineMode and remove it...
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasAdded proper names
2010-07-26 Alex FiestasRemoved not used include
2010-07-26 Rafael Fernández... On removal, if the one being removed is the one having...
2010-07-26 Rafael Fernández... Correctly disconnect, and remove that code added by...
2010-07-26 Rafael Fernández... Ordered insertion on list too
2010-07-26 Rafael Fernández... Continue working on selective adding/removing of device...
2010-07-26 Rafael Fernández... New implementation
2010-07-25 Alex FiestasRemove m_adapter, ereslibre (author of libbluedevil...
2010-07-25 Alex FiestasBetter handling of "offline/online" modes, it is not...
2010-07-25 Alex FiestasAdded "using namespace BlueDevil", connect doesn't...
2010-07-25 Alex FiestasFor now all UUID's should be uppercase, but this may...
2010-07-25 Alex FiestasAdded m_ to the member variables
2010-07-25 Alex FiestassystemBus is clearly the way to go, I'll investigate...
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasUse the sessionBus instead
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasUpdate m_enable correctly (using the checkbox)
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasRemoved blocks
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasLaunch or kill bluedevil-monolithic if the kded is...
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasAdded "sort of" progressbar when stablishing the connection
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasPointers below
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasWe donot have d-pointer anymore
2010-07-23 Rafael Fernández... Merge branch 'master' of
2010-07-23 Rafael Fernández... Headset => Audio, it connects correctly
2010-07-23 Rafael Fernández... Provide the service too
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasNoDisplay in KCM is not workign well (they need to...
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasAdded .desktop for monolithic
2010-07-23 Rafael Fernández... Merge branch 'master' of
2010-07-23 Rafael Fernández... Uppercase letters in uuids
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasAdded NoDisplay, we only want the monolithic version...
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasUps :)
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasAdded "Browse devices" , which basically opens bluetooth://
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasFixed the way we deal when opening an url into a filebr...
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasUUId's now are always uppercase
2010-07-23 Alex FiestasLaunch the wizard if the device is NOT paired