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2014-09-05 Bradley M.... Final adjustments to video download script. master
2014-09-05 Tom MarbleCorrect licensing info per author's instructions.
2014-09-05 Free Software... GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1
2014-09-05 Tom MarbleUpdated version to generate xls instead of xls.
2014-09-05 Tom MarbleUpdate as emailed to bkuhn by tmarble in this email:
2014-09-05 Bradley M.... Add a file.
2014-09-04 Tom, sent to bkuhn by tmarble in this email:
2014-09-04 Tom sent to bkuhn by tmarble in this email:
2014-08-15 Bradley M.... Mod should be based on the current count.
2014-08-15 Bradley M.... Index by title instead of URL; mod to 10.
2014-08-15 Bradley M.... Make use of login redo.
2014-08-15 Bradley M.... Redo login and recover from past stops.
2014-08-15 Bradley M.... Download videos code.
2014-08-14 Bradley M.... First pass on creating a loop that will output data.
2014-08-14 Bradley M.... Add arguments, use unicode, and make output dirs.
2014-08-14 Bradley M.... This much gets me logged into dc.
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