2010-09-08 Alan Mangiaferrolocale: Update Italian translation
2010-09-01 I-Yuan Chiang... locale: Update Traditional Chinese, Taiwan (zh_TW)...
2010-08-23 Reinis Dannecairo: Encode filenames to the default encoding of...
2010-08-23 Reinis Dannelocale: Set proper language code for zh_TW
2010-08-23 I-Yuan Chiang... locale: Update Traditional Chinese, Taiwan (zh_TW)...
2010-08-20 Reinis Dannelocale: Adjust search paths for translations
2010-08-14 Reinis Dannelocale: Update French translation
2010-08-14 Angel Herráezlocale: Update Spanish translation
2010-08-14 Edouard Saintespritlocale: Update French translation
2010-08-12 Reinis Dannelocale: Update Latvian translation
2010-08-12 Reinis Dannelocale: Update strings from sources
2010-08-12 Beda Kosatatk2cairo.py: Fix font size calculation
2010-08-04 Reinis DanneMANIFEST.in: Include PDF documentation v0.14.0-pre2
2010-07-26 Reinis DannePrepare release 0.14.0-pre2
2010-07-26 Reinis DanneMANIFEST.in: Remove unused includes
2010-07-26 Reinis DanneREADME: Change wording, add reference for bug tracker
2010-07-06 Reinis Dannebkchem.iss: Change WorkingDir, add UninstallDelete...
2010-07-05 Reinis Dannebkchem/messages.py: Update about_text
2010-07-05 Reinis Dannesubmodules: Update OASA and Piddle
2010-07-05 Reinis Dannebkchem: Increase required Python version to 2.5
2010-07-05 Reinis Dannelocale: Update translations from sources
2010-07-05 Reinis Dannebkchem: Use 'ngettext' for plural forms
2010-07-04 Reinis Dannesetup.py: Drop py2exe
2010-07-04 Reinis DanneAdd bkchem.iss
2010-07-04 Reinis Dannedoc: Fix HTML and PDF generation, drop PS
2010-07-03 Reinis Dannelocale: Add BKChem.pot
2010-07-03 Reinis Dannelocale: Remove unused files
2010-06-27 Reinis Dannesubmodules: Update Piddle
2010-06-27 Reinis DanneUse consistent capitalization in 'BKChem' in remaining...
2010-06-27 Reinis Dannelocale: Renamed files BKchem.po -> BKChem.po
2010-06-27 Reinis Dannelocale: Removed *.mo file
2010-06-27 Reinis Dannesubmodules: Update OASA and Piddle
2010-06-27 Reinis Dannebkchem.py: Convert command line input to Unicode
2010-06-27 Reinis DanneRevert "pref_manager.py: Use UTF-8 encoded strings...
2010-06-26 Reinis Danneplugins/cairo: Pass file handle to Cairo, drop PS postp...
2010-06-26 Reinis Dannepref_manager.py: Use UTF-8 encoded strings for UnicodeT...
2010-06-25 Reinis Dannelocale: Updated strings from sources
2010-06-25 Reinis Dannesubmodules: Update OASA and Piddle
2010-06-25 Reinis Danne.gitmodules: Change submodule locations to gitorious.org
2010-06-18 Beda Kosata[PATCH] Consistent use of capitalization in BKChem...
2010-06-18 Beda KosataPmw.py: EntryField._checkValidity() catch PARTIAL valid...
2010-05-18 Beda KosataOptions.Preferences: Update open documents on use_real_...
2010-05-18 Beda Kosatause use_real_minus in groups - by Reinis Danne
2010-05-18 Beda Kosataupdate Spanish translation - sent by Angel Herráez
2010-04-16 Beda Kosataadd some forgotten image and localization files
2010-04-16 Beda Kosatafix bonds not redrawing when adding bond to -NH and...
2010-04-15 Beda Kosataadd submodules, add .gitignore
2010-04-13 Beda Kosatafix for two atoms with visible windows next to each...
2010-01-07 Beda Kosataonce again pixmaps source files
2010-01-07 Beda Kosataicon source files added, small fixes in icons
2009-12-11 Beda Kosatacopyright information updated
2009-12-11 Beda Kosatasource SVGs of icons added to tla
2009-12-11 Beda Kosatanew icon set by Yassine Mrabet
2009-12-11 Beda Kosataunused icon removed, encoding of CDXML plugin fixed
2009-12-11 Beda KosataCDXML plugin added, progress.log updated
2009-12-11 Beda Kosatasort languages in settings dialog
2009-12-11 Beda Kosatamake it possible to set language to "default"
2009-12-08 Beda KosataJapanese and Latvian translations added
2009-11-20 Beda Kosatafix broken molfile export with newer pythons, tw locale...
2009-07-10 Beda Kosatalogging dialog added
2009-07-10 Beda Kosataround bracket support added, smooth polyline support...
2009-07-10 Beda KosataX- or Y-only dragging possible
2009-06-10 Beda Kosataerase paths in tk2cairo if they should not be stroked
2009-06-10 Beda Kosatafix a regression in tk2cairo
2009-06-09 Beda Kosatasome fixes introduced previously in this version
2009-05-20 Beda Kosataallow all marks on query atoms
2009-05-20 Beda Kosataremoval of marks from atoms now updates charge
2009-05-18 Beda Kosatafix improper scaling of text in two succesive cairo...
2009-05-14 Beda Kosatacontext menu did not apply some things to mixed sets...
2009-05-13 Beda Kosataadd no_export attr to focus ovals
2009-05-13 Beda Kosatafix trailing focus circle under special circumstances
2009-05-13 Beda Kosatacairo export fixes
2009-05-13 Beda Kosatafix several unicode errors introduced by earlier changes
2009-05-11 Beda Kosatakey-bindings provided for mode switching
2009-05-11 Beda Kosatamake OK button active in two dialogs
2009-05-05 Beda Kosatainterpret HTML character entities in text
2009-05-05 Beda Kosatacomment added after some testing
2009-05-05 Beda Kosataremove safety checks on rich text from modes - ftext...
2009-05-05 Beda Kosatahuge change in handling of rich text
2009-04-30 Beda Kosataallow Ac and Pr to be shortcuts rather than atoms after...
2009-04-03 Beda Kosatabetter multiline text support
2009-03-16 Beda Kosatafix several plugins and pathnames related problems
2009-03-09 Beda Kosatasome work on multiline ftext
2009-02-26 Beda Kosatasome preliminary support for text justification
2009-02-23 Beda Kosatarelease 0.13.0
2009-02-20 Beda Kosatacosmetic comment change and print removal
2009-02-20 Beda Kosataslight modification of 3D transformation in double...
2009-02-19 Beda Kosataredrawing of wedges in 3D rotation fixed
2009-02-19 Beda Kosatadrawing of double bonds in 3D much improved
2009-02-17 Beda Kosatamodule cleanup to remove duplicities with OASA
2009-02-17 Beda Kosatarelease 0.12.6, small oasa_bridge update
2009-02-13 Beda Kosatanew rotation options
2009-01-26 Beda KosataReading of Molfiles with disconnected molecules fixed
2009-01-23 Beda Kosatageometry backported from OASA to fix a drawing error
2009-01-09 Beda Kosatagerman translation updated
2009-01-07 Beda Kosatatraditional chinese translation updated
2008-11-28 Beda Kosataforgotten change from the last commit and more
2008-11-28 Beda Kosatarelease 0.12.5 preparation
2008-11-26 Beda KosataItalian translation update, language selection dialog...
2008-11-25 Beda KosataItalina translation updates, Spanish added