2013-09-10 Luke DashjrBugfix: Check fd still has a handler object, in case...
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrJSONRPCServer: Replace asyncore with raw epoll implemen...
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrMove basic sanity checks a bit earlier
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrSilence error when HTTP connection doesn't send request...
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrUse more resources in example config
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrBe quieter by default
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrTrack active longpollers by IP; also fix remote host...
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrFaster, simpler cleanup for LPs
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrBugfix: Allow params to be omitted in JSON-RPC calls
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrMake gotwork less loady
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrSupport for outbound gotwork JSON-RPC call
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrAdd support for setworkaux JSON-RPC only from a secret...
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrBugfix: Fix midstate bugs
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrBugfix: a2b_hex in Python 3.2 no longer accepts str...
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrBrief README file documenting dependencies and where...
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrBugfix: midstate module will expect bytes, not str
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrQuick and dirty hack to detect (and reject) duplicate...
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrExample file (testnet)
2012-01-26 Luke DashjrSupport for generating midstate iff there is a compatib...
2012-01-25 Luke DashjrMove JSONRPCServer binding to config file
2012-01-25 Luke DashjrRefactor JSONRPCServer using a (mostly) asynchronous...
2012-01-02 Luke DashjrBugfix: accept 1-entry lists with detail enabled
2012-01-02 Luke Dashjrmerkletree: add support for detailed tree storage
2012-01-02 Luke DashjrSupport importing merkletree without bitcoin.txn
2011-10-09 Luke DashjrBranch off LP waiting/handling into a dedicated thread
2011-10-09 Luke Dashjrsaner logging and countdown (sem NEEDS the decrement...
2011-10-09 Luke Dashjrmore LP debug
2011-10-09 Luke DashjrLog rejections :P
2011-10-09 Luke DashjrBugfix: HTTP requires CRLF, not merely LF
2011-10-09 Luke Dashjrpass socket errors up from HTTP handler, so they can...
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrUpdate block as soon as we find it, and longpoll again...
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrWorking Longpoll support
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrBugfix: pushpool-compatible db log needs swap32'd and...
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrEnable rollntime support (with or without advertised...
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrimproved dupe checking
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrremove debugprint
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrRename {workmaker => eloipool}.py
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrLog remote host from JSON-RPC
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrLog upstream_result='Y' when it meets the upstream...
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrtreat usernames as text
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrfix INSERT statement
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrOnly update coinbase data for unique merkle roots,...
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrvery basic postgres share logging
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrensure blocks fit under size and sigop limits
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrmake sure the block has room to add rather large coinbases
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrsupport for coinbase prefixes
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrWorkaround: InteractiveConsole direct doesn't like...
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrcoinbaser support :D
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrabstract address-to-script
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrsilence interactive mode banner
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrlog bitcoind polls
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrmake it difficult to accidentally exit the console
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrIgnore socket errors from JSON-RPC connections
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrignore (more) config files
2011-10-08 Luke DashjrUse Python logging framework :)
2011-10-08 Luke Dashjrterminate JSON-RPC threads on shutdown
2011-10-07 Luke DashjrBugfix: reset time for extranonce rolling (plus imports)
2011-10-07 Luke Dashjrfor consistency, keep filenames lowercase
2011-10-07 Luke Dashjrignore Kate "swap" files, and
2011-10-07 Luke Dashjrreorganize: move bitcoin* into bitcoin/*
2011-10-07 Luke Dashjrensure we have a unique coinbase
2011-10-07 Luke Dashjrwork with an address for generation (requires
2011-10-07 Luke DashjrUGLY HACK to keep bitcoin node flushing its received...
2011-10-07 Luke DashjrSubmit good blocks upstream via Bitcoin p2p protocol...
2011-10-07 Luke DashjrPass total coinbase value to makeCoinbaseTxn
2011-10-07 Luke DashjrBugfix: too many endian changes, this one doesn't belong
2011-10-07 Luke DashjrBugfix: we need that nonce in the data ;)
2011-10-07 Luke DashjrBugfixes in bitcoinvarlen
2011-10-07 Luke DashjrBugfix: Don't try to assemble inputs into outputs!
2011-10-07 Luke Dashjrsimple work log
2011-10-07 Luke DashjrBugfix: unpack returns a tuple, always; unpack it
2011-10-07 Luke Dashjrsuccessfully receive shares from poclbm
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrignore *.patch
2011-10-06 Luke DashjrFix JSON-RPC getwork response to standard form
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjruse correct timestamp
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrmutable Txn, with a working idhash method
2011-10-06 Luke DashjrSimply copy config to MerkleMaker object
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrsplit Txn, dblsha, MerkleMaker, and MerkleTree out
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrsplit interactiveMode to its own file
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrpossibly optimization (TODO)
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrproper HTTP status replies
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrignore non-source files
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrsplit JSONRPC server to its own file
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrcreate normal work correctly, and update it when there...
2011-10-06 Luke DashjrRestart TCP server when interrupted (by SIGUSR1)
2011-10-06 Luke DashjrDebug SIGUSR1
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrtraceback uncaught errors
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrbasic JSON-RPC providing self-generated work (currently...
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrtransparent test case (unless it fails)
2011-10-06 Luke Dashjrbegin new workmaker with an optimized merkle tree maker