Merge branch 'bugfix_YN_None_2' into bugfix_YN_None_3
[bitcoin:eloipool.git] / sharelogging /
2012-03-05 Luke DashjrMerge branch 'bugfix_YN_None_2' into bugfix_YN_None_3
2012-03-04 Luke DashjrMerge branch 'bugfix_YN_None' into bugfix_YN_None_2
2012-03-04 Luke DashjrLog "-" for upstreamResult rather than "N" if not attempted
2012-03-04 Luke DashjrImprove sharelogging consistency, and make it an object...
2012-03-04 Luke DashjrMove common YN function to util
2012-03-04 Peter LeursMade the logging of shares modular and added file logging