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2015-03-31 Nathan D. SmithRequirements upgrade master
2015-02-11 Nathan D. SmithCorrect requirements
2015-02-11 Nathan D. Smithpep8 corections
2015-02-11 Nathan D. SmithConverted to use pysblgnt instead of files
2014-10-20 Nathan D. SmithBeginning work on conversion of lxxmorph-unicode to...
2014-09-29 Nathan D. SmithFix add_subparsers call. Tested and working.
2014-09-29 Nathan D. SmithPEP8 compliance
2014-09-29 Nathan D. SmithPEP8 compliance (mostly)
2014-09-23 Nathan D. SmithPEP8 compliance
2014-06-06 Nathan D. SmithBasic conversion complete
2014-06-06 Nathan D. SmithInitial commit for lxxm-corpus
2013-11-14 Nathan D. Smith Add output of Jesus words script
2013-03-13 Nathan D. SmithAdd newlines after semicolons and interpunct characters
2013-03-12 Nathan SmithRefactored things a bit
2013-03-12 Nathan SmithVanity
2013-03-12 Nathan SmithAdd corpus files
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