Bug correcton in links module.
[berthome:berthome.git] / rc.lua
2012-12-03 nberthMinor improvements + adapted to machine `nobelium'.
2012-07-11 nberthCleaned `rc.lua' + adapted to machine `europium'.
2012-01-30 nberthAdded configuration for `hume'.
2011-07-17 nberthSplit `bowl' module from `keychain'.
2011-06-28 nberthSwitched to IceCat web browser, and updated MPD usage.
2011-06-10 nberthConfigured to use the Awesompd widget.
2011-06-07 nberthImproved custom links module, and updated configuration...
2011-06-06 nberthSimplified emacs commands specification
2011-06-06 nberthSimplified keychain library interface.
2011-05-31 nberthRemoved menu launcher, and mouse grabbing upon key...
2011-05-30 nberthInitial commit before publication.