2011-04-21 Jason KridnerTWL4030/BeagleBoard: Added hub power enable jason-upstream-20110420-rebase
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerUSB: Remove __attribute__ ((packed)) for struct ehci_hc...
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: Configure DVI/S-video
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: enable DSS
2011-04-21 Syed Mohammed... OMAP3: Add DSS driver for OMAP3
2011-04-21 Jason Kridnervideo: DSS makefile update
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: use the USERBUTTON command
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: Added userbutton command
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: add ramboot
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: add optargs/buddy/camera
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: load kernel via MMC ext2
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: increase command-line functionality
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: make mtest run
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: don't suck in blank line
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: change default resolution to VGA
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: reduce BOOTDELAY to 3
2011-04-21 Steve SakomanBeagleBoard: config: Remove omapfb.debug=y from Beagle...
2011-04-21 Alexander HollerBeagleBoard: config: Switch default console from ttyS2...
2011-04-21 Bob FeretichBeagleBoard: Pin mux initialization glitch fix
2011-04-21 Jason Kridnerled: fixup help/usage
2011-04-21 Jason Kridnerled: loop through all leds
2011-04-21 Jason Kridnerled: remove trailing whitespace
2011-04-21 Jason Kridnerled: correct off/on locations in structure
2011-04-21 Jason Kridnerled: added cmd_led to Makefile
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: fix LED 0/1 in driver
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerCorrected LED name match finding avoiding extraneous...
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: Fixed typo in typecast
2011-04-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: add xM rev C to ID table
2011-04-20 Ben Gardinerda850evm: fix NAND WSTROBE and TA timings
2011-04-20 Sughosh GanuFix the issue of _end symbol not being found while...
2011-04-20 Luca CeresoliARMV7: OMAP3: Add support for Comelit DIG297 board
2011-04-20 Luca CeresoliARMV7: OMAP3: Cleanup extern variables in mem.c
2011-04-20 Albert AribaudMerge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-ti/master'
2011-04-20 Tom Warrenarm: Tegra2: Move clk/mux init to board_early_init_f...
2011-04-20 Tom Warrenarm: Tegra2: GPIO: Add basic GPIO definitions
2011-04-20 Tom Warrenarm: Tegra2: Add missing PLLX init
2011-04-20 Eric CooperARM: fix stack pointer adjustment in board_init_f()
2011-04-20 Tom Warrenarm: Tegra2: add support for A9 CPU init
2011-04-19 Luca CeresoliARMV7: OMAP3: Add GPMC_CONFIGx register value definitions
2011-04-19 Luca CeresoliARMV7: OMAP3: Fix preprocessor check for CONFIG_OMAP34XX
2011-04-19 Alexander Holleromap3_beagle: enable EHCI and USB storage.
2011-04-19 Alexander HollerOMAP3: Add support for DPLL5 (usbhost)
2011-04-19 Alexander HollerOMAP3: Change some USB related MUX values
2011-04-19 Enric Balletbo... ARM: OMAP3: Revamp IGEP module default configuration
2011-04-19 Enric Balletbo... ARM: OMAP3: Revamp IGEP v2 default
2011-04-19 Albert AribaudMerge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-ti/master'
2011-04-19 Albert (U-Boot)Replace obsolete e-mail address
2011-04-19 Macpaul Lina320evb: fix include path of timer fttmr010
2011-04-19 Macpaul Linfttmr010: move fttmr010 header to include/faraday
2011-04-19 Macpaul Linftpmu010.h: add asm support used by lowlevel_init
2011-04-19 Macpaul Linftpmu010: fix relocation and enhance features
2011-04-19 Rogan DawesOrion5x: Correct DRAM bank detection
2011-04-19 Lei WenI2C: add i2c support for Armada100 platform
2011-04-19 Lei WenI2C: mv_i2c: add multi bus support
2011-04-19 Lei WenI2C: add i2c support for Pantheon platform
2011-04-19 Lei Wenmv_i2c: use structure to replace the direclty define
2011-04-19 Lei Wenmv_i2c: fix timeout value to be consistent with comments
2011-04-19 Lei Wenpxa: move i2c driver to the common place
2011-04-19 Fabio EstevamMX25: tx25: Add _end section on nand_spl
2011-04-19 Stefano BabicMX31: mx31pdk: fix nand_spl
2011-04-19 Matt WaddelARMV7: Vexpress: Remove
2011-04-19 Minkyu KangDon't grab memory for LCD if FB address is defined
2011-04-19 Po-Yu Chuangarm: a320: use new ftpmu010 API
2011-04-19 Po-Yu Chuangpower: ftpmu010: move drivers/power/ftpmu010.h to inclu...
2011-04-19 Matthias Weisserarm: Use optimized memcpy and memset from linux
2011-04-19 Jason LiuMX5: Enable flat-device-tree support on mx53 loco board
2011-04-19 Jason Liumx53loco: set mmc env to MMC slot1
2011-04-19 Stefano BabicIMX: MX31: Cleanup include files and drop nasty #ifdef...
2011-04-19 Liu Hui-R64343MX5: Enable flat-device-tree support on mx51/53 evk...
2011-04-19 Liu Hui-R64343MX53: support for freescale MX53LOCO board
2011-04-19 Liu Hui-R64343MX53: drop from mx53evk
2011-04-19 Fabio Estevammx25: Make the UART port number explicit in its setup...
2011-04-19 Stefano BabicMX31: qong: add watchdog
2011-04-19 Stefano BabicMX31: add support for MX31 watchdog
2011-04-19 Stefano BabicMX51: drop from mx51evk
2011-04-19 Stefano BabicMakefile: change rule to build IMX image
2011-04-18 Igor GrinbergOMAP3: CM-T35: Add support for CM-T3730
2011-04-18 Igor GrinbergOMAP3: CM-T35: enable the green LED
2011-04-18 Igor GrinbergOMAP3: CM-T35: remove redundand i2c initialization
2011-04-18 Igor GrinbergOMAP3: CM-T35: fix mmc
2011-04-18 Igor GrinbergOMAP3: CM-T35: add MMC1 pinmux
2011-04-18 Igor GrinbergOMAP3: CM-T35: update MAINTAINERS file
2011-04-18 Igor GrinbergOMAP3: CM-T35: update board files header information
2011-04-18 Igor GrinbergOMAP3: CM-T35: update config
2011-04-18 Igor GrinbergOMAP3: CM-T35: Move DECLARE_GLOBAL_DATA_PTR to file...
2011-04-18 SrinathARMV7: AM3517/05: Add support for CraneBoard.
2011-04-18 Koen KooiOMAP3: BeagleBoard: add more expansionboard IDs
2011-04-18 Koen KooiOMAP3: BeagleBoard: add xM rev B to ID table
2011-04-18 Steve KipiszOMAP3: BeagleBoard: Enable pullups on i2c2.
2011-04-18 Alexander Holleromap3_beagle: enable the use of a plain text file
2011-04-18 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: Added LED driver
2011-04-18 Jason KridnerAdd 'led' command
2011-04-13 Fabio EstevamMAINTAINERS: fix email address case
2011-04-13 Simon GlassFix bad padding of bootp request packet
2011-04-13 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'sf' of git://
2011-04-13 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-04-13 Peter Tysercfi_flash: Fix CONFIG_SYS_FLASH_AUTOPROTECT_LIST usage
2011-04-13 James Kosinsf: sst: add support for SST25VF064C
2011-04-13 Graeme RussMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-04-13 Graeme Russx86: Update MAINTAINERS and delete README files