2013-04-11 Jason Kridnertest-pwm: corrected individual pin dts files
2013-04-11 Jason Kridnertest-pwm: fix syntax issues in Makefile
2013-04-11 Jason Kridnertest-pwm: enable the pwmss
2013-04-11 Jason Kridnertest-pwm: initial commit
2013-04-05 Jason KridnerUpdate
2013-04-05 Jason KridnerUpdate
2013-04-05 Jason KridnerUpdate
2013-04-05 Jason KridnerUpdate
2013-04-05 Jason Kridnerec2-build/build-angstrom: add dependencies for chromium
2013-04-03 Jason Kridnerec2-build/build-angstrom: upload multiple versions
2013-04-01 Jason Kridnerec2-build/build.js: go back to 64-bit machine
2013-04-01 Jason Kridnerec2-build/ split everything large
2013-04-01 Jason Kridnerec2-build/build-angstrom: add git for setup-scripts
2013-04-01 Jason Kridnerec2-build/ update sources.tgz path
2013-04-01 Jason Kridnerec2-build/ fix typos
2013-04-01 Jason Kridnerec2-build/build-angstrom: tar up sources
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build/build.js: don't die on config error
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build: updated instance type
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build: specify config.js location
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build/build.js: switch to 32-bit machine
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build/s3-copy: got the ContentType var name right
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build/s3-copy.js: more attempts at fixing type
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build/build-angstrom.txt: add liburi-perl
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build: make index.html uploaded be readable
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build/ add image.html
2013-03-30 Jason Kridnerec2-build: continue on command failure
2013-03-28 Jason Kridnerec2-build/ change to the right directory
2013-03-28 Jason Kridnerec2-build/ forgot the "then"
2013-03-28 Jason Kridnerec2-build/ update and build for rebuilds
2013-03-26 Jason Kridnerec2-build: attempting to catch an error
2013-03-26 Jason KridnerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-26 Jason Kridnerec2-build: update repo
2013-03-26 Jason Kridnerec2-build: simplify for now by commenting...
2013-03-26 Jason Kridnerec2-build: Use s3cp for saving all files
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: move config.js to home directory
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: attempted to fix example formatting
2013-03-25 Jason KridnerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: use ssh key on exec of config copy
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: fix path to tar up deploy folder
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: update stuff to be saved
2013-03-25 Jason KridnerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: add
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: add update callback
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerbuild-copy.js: start of debug
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: first attempt at adding s3copy to server
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: fixed syntax error
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: temporarily ignore files that go missing
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: remove leading slash in destination path
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: fix destination path
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: fix destination name
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: push correct variable name
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: fix bug with reading from wrong queue
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: handle a bunch of open files
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: Got it working
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerbuild-angstrom: correct log filename
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerbuild-angstrom: minimize deltas to build-kernel
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerbuild-angstrom: update packages
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerbuild-angstrom: added some missing packages
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerbuild-angstrom: bring in the startup timeout
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerbuild-angstrom: changed instance size
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: syntax fix
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: syntax fix
2013-03-25 Jason Kridners3-copy: walk directory tree
2013-03-25 Jason KridnerJust getting it to run
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerbuild-angstrom: remove stop calls
2013-03-25 Jason KridnerRemove unused references to AWS
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerbuild-angstrom: Updates
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: build console-image instead of minimal-image
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: add
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnertest-capemgr: updated based on questions from Chase.
2013-03-25 Jason add helper for downloading files after...
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: build and tar dtb files
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: updated execution paths
2013-03-25 Jason fixes based on a test
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: attempt to fix KeyPair
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: remove apache2
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: add index.html and switch to right server...
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: move back under ec2-build
2013-03-25 Jason modified server used to share files
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: Add branch variable
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: updated winston
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: switch to node-based server
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: update usage of config
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: save off the build log
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: attempt to save off angstrom build directory
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build/s3-copy.js: added the dest path back
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build/test-s3.js: fixed quote
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build/s3-copy: fixed path truncation
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: too tired
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: made changes to the wrong function
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: tar up useful files
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build: copy specific files
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build/ sed commands are buggy
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build:
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build/ remove redundant calls...
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build/test-s3.js: change directory to copy
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build/test-s3.js: change location of config.js
2013-03-25 Jason Kridnerec2-build/test-s3.js: added
2013-03-24 Jason Kridnerec2-build/s3copy.html: hopefully fill the values
2013-03-24 Jason Kridnerec2-build/s3copy.html: scope issue