2011-06-22 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: enable DSS validation-20110621c
2011-06-22 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: Configure DVI/S-video
2011-06-21 Jason Kridnervideo: DSS makefile update
2011-06-21 Syed Mohammed... OMAP3: Add DSS driver for OMAP3
2011-06-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: Added userbutton command
2011-06-21 Jason KridnerUSB: Remove __attribute__ ((packed)) for struct ehci_hc...
2011-06-21 Jason Kridnerled: rename coloured LED functions to not be CamelCase
2011-06-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: add optargs/buddy/camera
2011-06-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: increase command-line functionality
2011-06-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: make mtest run
2011-06-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: config: don't suck in blank line
2011-06-21 Jason Kridnerled: correct off/on locations in structure
2011-06-21 Jason Kridnerled: added cmd_led to Makefile
2011-06-21 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: fix LED 0/1 in driver
2011-06-21 Jason KridnerCorrected LED name match finding avoiding extraneous...
2011-06-21 Koen Kooibeagleboard: decrease bootdelay to 2 seconds
2011-06-21 Koen Kooibeagleboard: hardcode MAC for onboard SMSC and use...
2011-06-21 Koen Kooibeagleboard: enable asix driver and dhcp
2011-06-21 Koen Kooibeagleboard: load kernel from MMC ext, not FAT
2011-06-21 Koen Kooibeagleboard: switch to ttyO2 as console
2011-06-21 Koen Kooibeagleboard: enable networking
2011-06-21 Koen Kooibeagleboard: turn off clocks in ehci_stop
2011-06-21 Eric Benardbeagleboard: enable HUB power on XM boards
2011-06-21 Eric Benarddm3730: enable dpll5
2011-06-21 Simon GlassAdd documentation for USB Host Networking
2011-06-21 Simon GlassAdd Ethernet hardware MAC address framework to usbnet
2011-06-21 Simon GlassAdd support for SMSC95XX USB 2.0 10/100MBit Ethernet...
2011-06-21 Koen Kooibeagleboard: add support for xM revision C
2011-06-21 Koen KooiOMAP3: beagle: pass expansionboard name in bootargs
2011-06-21 Steve SakomanOMAP: Remove omapfb.debug=y from Beagle and Overo env...
2011-06-21 Bob FeretichOMAP3 Beagle Pin Mux initialization glitch fix
2011-06-08 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-08 Minkyu KangSMDK6400: fix the compiler error
2011-06-07 Fabio Estevamimx27lite: Remove local
2011-06-07 Felix Radenskymx31ads: Fix environment location on flash
2011-06-07 Fabio Estevamimx31_litekit: Remove local
2011-06-06 Fabio Estevammx31litekit: Fix boot with the new relocation scheme.
2011-06-06 Fabio Estevammx31ads: Use the new relocation scheme
2011-06-03 Harald KrapfenbauerBlackfin: cm-bf537e/cm-bf537u/tcm-bf537: update embedde...
2011-06-03 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: boards: build zlib dir with -O2
2011-06-03 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: bf548-ezkit/bf561-ezkit: update env location
2011-06-03 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: use on-chip reset func with newer parts
2011-06-03 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: use common LDSCRIPT logic
2011-06-02 Wolfgang DenkPrepare v2011.06-rc2
2011-06-02 Wolfgang DenkMinor coding style cleanup
2011-06-01 Haojian Zhuangcommon/cmd_fdt.c: fix wrong data displayed in fdt print
2011-06-01 Luuk Paulussensntp: avoid use of uninitialized variable
2011-06-01 Patrick Sestiersf: kick watchdog when polling
2011-06-01 Enric Balletbo... net/net.c: Update ipaddr if the environment has changed
2011-06-01 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodians
2011-06-01 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-01 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodians
2011-06-01 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-01 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodians
2011-06-01 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-01 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodians
2011-06-01 Marek VasutMove wepep250,delta,xsengine to scrapyard
2011-06-01 Thomas AbrahamSMDKV310: Fix incorrect conditional compilation for...
2011-06-01 Chander KashyapSMDKV310: CPU fequency and mmc_pre_ratio modified
2011-06-01 John Rigbyarmv7: Add support for ST-Ericsson U8500 href platform
2011-06-01 Michael BrandtI2C: Add driver for ST-Ericsson U8500 i2c
2011-06-01 John Rigbyarmv7: Add ST-Ericsson u8500 arch
2011-06-01 Nobuhiro Iwamatsush: sh7785lcr: Update BSC of USB area
2011-05-31 Albert ARIBAUDKirkwood: boards cleanup for deprecated CONFIG_CMD_AUTO...
2011-05-31 Dirk BehmeARMV7: Vexpress: Add missing MMC header
2011-05-31 Holger Brunckarm/km: update mgcoge3un board support
2011-05-31 Valentin Longchampmvgbe: enable configurability of PORT_SERIAL_CONTROL_VALUE
2011-05-31 Valentin Longchamparm/km: rename mgcoge2un to mgcoge3un
2011-05-31 Holger Brunckarm/km: add second serial interface for kirkwood
2011-05-31 Valentin Longchamparm/km: disable ls (through jffs2 support)
2011-05-31 Valentin Longchamparm/km: introduce bootcount env variable and clean...
2011-05-31 Valentin Longchamparm/km: move CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS from board to...
2011-05-31 Valentin Longchamparm/km: remove CONFIG_SYS_KWD_CONFIG from keymile-common.h
2011-05-26 Chander KashyapARMV7: MMC SPL Boot support for SMDKV310 board
2011-05-26 Chander KashyapARMV7: Add support for Samsung SMDKV310 Board
2011-05-26 Minkyu KangS5PC2XX: clock: support pwm clock for evt1 (cpu revision 1)
2011-05-26 Jaehoon ChungS5P: add set_mmc_clk for external clock control
2011-05-26 Minkyu KangS5PC2XX: Support the cpu revision
2011-05-26 Chander KashyapS5P:SROM config code moved to s5p-common directory
2011-05-26 seedshopeAdd _end for the end of u-boot image for SMDK6400
2011-05-26 Dirk BehmeMMC S5P: Fix typo
2011-05-26 Chander KashyapS5P: GPIO Macro Values Corrected.
2011-05-26 David Müller... SMDK2410: various cleanup/code style fixes
2011-05-26 David Müller... SMDK2410: use the CFI driver (and remove the old one)
2011-05-26 David Müller... SMDK2410: remove unneeded
2011-05-26 David Müller... SMDK2410: activate ARM relocation feature
2011-05-24 Daniel Hobicmd_nand: fix help of nand erase subcommand
2011-05-24 Daniel Hobienv_nand: zero-initialize variable nand_erase_options
2011-05-23 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: fixed typo in typecast
2011-05-23 Michael Wallemvsata: issue hard reset on initialization
2011-05-23 David Müller... VCMA9: use ARM relocation feature to fix build error
2011-05-23 Stefano BabicMX31: drop warnings due to missing prototype for mxc_wa...
2011-05-23 Stefano BabicMX5: drop from efikamx board
2011-05-23 Stefano BabicMX31: Make get_reset_cause() static and drop unreachabl...
2011-05-23 Fabio EstevamMX53: Remove CONFIG_SYS_BOOTMAPSZ from mx53 config...
2011-05-23 Fabio EstevamMX53: Handle silicon revision 2.1 case
2011-05-23 Jason Liumx5: board: code clean up for checkboard code
2011-05-23 Fabio EstevamMX51: vision2: Fix build for vision2 board.
2011-05-23 Fabio EstevamMX51: vision: Let video mode struct be independant...
2011-05-23 Fabio EstevamMX53: Add initial support for MX53SMD board.