2010-06-03 Koen KooiOMAP3: beagle: setenv beaglerev for AxBx/Cx/xMA for... xm
2010-05-17 Jason KridnerAdded configurations for xM Rev A board
2010-05-17 Koen KooiOMAP3: beagle: pass expansionboard name in bootargs
2010-05-17 Koen KooiOMAP3: Beagle: decrease bootdelay to 3, use VGA for...
2010-05-17 Koen KooiOMAP3: Beagle: set mpurate to 1000 for xM
2010-05-17 Koen KooiOMAP3: beagle: add pinmux for Tincantools Trainer expan...
2010-05-17 Koen KooiOMAP3: beagle: prettify expansionboard message a bit
2010-05-17 Koen KooiOMAP3: beagle: set mpurate to 600 for revB and revC1-3
2010-05-17 Koen KooiOMAP3: beagle: add more expansionboards, based on elinu...
2010-05-17 Koen KooibeagleboardXM: don't set mpurate on xM in bootargs
2010-05-17 Syed Mohammed... Enable DSS driver for Beagle
2010-05-17 Syed Mohammed... Add DSS driver for OMAP3
2010-05-17 Koen Kooibeagleboard: fix TCT expansionboard IDs
2010-05-17 Koen Kooibeagleboard: display message about I2C errors being...
2010-05-17 Mans RullgardOMAP3: apply Cortex-A8 errata workarounds only on affec...
2010-05-17 Mans RullgardOMAP3: convert setup_auxcr() to pure asm
2010-05-17 Mans RullgardOMAP3: fix and clean up L2 cache enable/disable functions
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP: Overo: set pinmux to enable input mode for the...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: Beagle: enable support for second and third...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: Overo: enable support for second and third mmc...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP: mmc: add support for second and third mmc channels
2010-05-17 Koen KooiOMAP3: beagle: implement expansionboard detection based...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: Beagle, Overo: remove omapfb.debug=y from defaul...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: beagle: add support for Beagle xM
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: clocks: update clock setup for 36XX/37XX
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3 sys_info: update cpu detection for 36XX/37XX
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: add definitions to support sysinfo cpu and cpu...
2010-05-17 Steve Sakomanenv_nand.c: fail gracefully if no nand is present
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: mem.c: enhance the RAM test
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: board.c: don't attempt to set up second RAM...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: trim excessively long delays in i2c driver
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: Overo: set CONFIG_SYS_I2C_SPEED to 400Khz
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: Overo: enable input on MMC1_CLK and MMC3_CLK...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: Overo: detect/configure expansion boards using...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: add mpurate boot arg for overo and beagle
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: add entry for rev 3.1.2, check and display max...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: update Beagle revision detection to recognize...
2010-05-17 Steve SakomanOMAP3: add board revision detection for Overo
2010-03-31 Wolfgang DenkPrepare v2010.03 20100720-upstream
2010-03-31 Heiko Schochernet, doc: How to setup MAC address correctly
2010-03-31 Heiko Schochernet, fec_mxc: only setup the device enetaddr with eepro...
2010-03-31 Felix Radenskydoc: Fix ramdisk examples in doc/uImage.FIT/multi.its
2010-03-31 Heiko Schocherjffs2, suen3: Fix compiler warning
2010-03-30 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-03-30 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-03-30 Timur Tabimpc86xx: set the DDR BATs after calculating true DDR...
2010-03-30 Kumar Gala85xx: Fix enabling of L1 cache parity on secondary...
2010-03-30 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Fix problem with I2C bus >= 1 initialization
2010-03-29 Heiko Schocherbootm, linux: fix booting Multi-File Image with "kernel...
2010-03-27 Wolfgang DenkPrepare 2010.03-rc3
2010-03-27 Wolfgang Denkcmd_usb.c: print debug messages only when DEBUG is...
2010-03-27 Wolfgang Denkml300: remove support for broken, orphaned board
2010-03-27 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodians
2010-03-27 Wolfgang Denkmkimage: fix Segmentation Fault when run without "...
2010-03-27 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-03-25 Renato Andreolacfi_flash: precision and underflow problem in tout...
2010-03-24 Rupjyoti Sarmahppc4xx fix unstable 440EPx bootstrap options
2010-03-24 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-03-24 Matthias Fuchsat91: Get rid of some warnings when building for otc570
2010-03-24 Alessandro... lcd: make 16bpp work
2010-03-22 Wolfgang DenkPrepare v2010.03-rc2
2010-03-22 Matthias Kaehlckeep93xx timer: Fix resolution of get_ticks()
2010-03-22 Matthias Kaehlckeep93xx timer: Fix possible overflow in usecs_to_ticks()
2010-03-21 Asen Dimovcorrect a syntax typo in at91_matrix.h
2010-03-21 Jeff Angielskienv: fix endian ordering in crc table
2010-03-21 Anatolij Gustschinmpc5121: cpu/mpc512x/diu.c: fix warnings
2010-03-21 Anatolij Gustschinconsole.c: fix problem with splashimage
2010-03-21 Thomas Webermod change 755 => 644 for multiple files
2010-03-21 Stefano Babicmxcmmc: fix warnings due to access 32 bit registers...
2010-03-21 Wolfgang DenkTFTP: allow for adjustable retransmission timout
2010-03-21 Wolfgang DenkFix PCI_BASE_ADDRESS_5 handling in pci_hose_config_device()
2010-03-21 Frans Meulenbroekscmd_mmc remove \n
2010-03-16 Renato Andreolanios2: Added support to YANU UART
2010-03-16 Thomas Chounios2: use generic unaligned.h
2010-03-13 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-03-13 Mike Frysingerasm-blackfin/unaligned.h: add for zlib code
2010-03-13 Mike Frysingerasm-generic/unaligned.h: dynamic default unaligned...
2010-03-13 Matthias Weisservideo: Fix console display when splashscreen is used
2010-03-12 Wolfgang DenkPrepare v2010.03-rc1
2010-03-12 Wolfgang Denkstandalone eepro100_eeprom: fix build error
2010-03-12 Wolfgang DenkUpdate .gitignore's: add some generated files
2010-03-12 Detlev Zundelmpc82xx: Remove SL8245 board and the now orpahned sk98l...
2010-03-11 Kumar Gala85xx: Drop FIT support to allow u-boot image to fit...
2010-03-11 Michael ZaidmanCosmetic change - indentation correction.
2010-03-11 Anatolij Gustschincmd_mtdparts.c: prevent printbuffer overflows
2010-03-11 Frans MeulenbroeksFix MPC8536DS documentation
2010-03-11 Heiko Schocherdoc: add README for CONFIG_HWCONFIG option
2010-03-11 Heiko SchocherTQM8xx: enable device tree support on all TQM8xx based...
2010-03-11 Heiko SchocherTQM8xx: add device tree support for TQM8xx based boards.
2010-03-11 Wolfgang DenkMove CONFIG_UPDATE_TFTP code after CONFIG_PREBOOT
2010-03-11 Mike Frysingermkimage: dont force entry point with xip
2010-03-11 Richard RetanubunPPC: Record U-Boot's relocated address in RAM and show...
2010-03-11 Wolfgang DenkFix memory leak in mmc_read()
2010-03-07 Daniel GorsulowskiAT91: Update otc570 board to new SoC access
2010-03-07 Jens Scharsigupdates the at91 main_clock calculation
2010-03-07 Prafulla Wadaskararm: kirkwood: suen3: fixed build warning
2010-03-07 Stefano BabicMX51: removed warnings for the mx51evk
2010-03-07 Vipin KumarSPEAr : Supporting new mach ids for spear310 and spear320
2010-03-07 Heiko Schocherarm, suen3: fix compile error, if doing not a local...
2010-03-07 Heiko Schocherarm: add support for the suen3 board from keymile